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seeing as how delicious seems to hiccup on the wordpress postings.

Some stuff from antville: 

Gondry video for Kayne West. It’s ok

preview for a short movie. Australian


“ W e Have Decided Not To Die is an unusual short film. A modern day allegorical triptych, three figures under go transformation
through three rituals. Though not a story in any conventional sense, We Have Decided Not To Die succeeds in taking the
audience on an emotional journey. Aurally intriguing, often stunning and always beautiful, the film has been winning fans from
around the festival circuit.”
S a r a h Runcie, AFC

live video of David Bynre singing the great intoxication.

fan flick for squarepusher

Common video check Nike site for video for BE.

New Jamie Lidell single


accidentally deleted my link to the Loretta Lyn cut Gondry video. 

Yip Yip video 

WFMU hosts Wildman Fischer for their fundraiser. also check the  Ivory Cutler video. 

not as in love with this. Momus video from everyone’s favorite creativity researcher/ osaka-ite.

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