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YouTube – Children of Mana gameplay trailer

I have a DS and a laptop.

Everyday kids at school play my gameboy. 

Above we got Children of Mana for the DS.

it looks pretty bad. basically seems to be the same

game they released for the advance only with wifi

and a touch screen. was hoping for more. 

This looks awesome. Nintendo based game

about male cheerleading or maybe it’s just

a dancing game. Seen this thing around and never

picked it up. Will have to soon. Video is amazing too. 


Kirby game for DS

Beat this last week and it’s what my kids play all day.

It’s amazing. Coolest little game where you draw paths

for Kirby to move on while balancing movement and power-ups

all with well designed levels that adds up to a rather good platformer

with a twist.


Electroplankton. Already reviewed this. Was the reason I bought the DS.

Still good.


 Castlevania was ok. beat it.

Super Princess Peach is good.


Viewtiful Joe Scratch is ok. I actually didn’t like the

original Viewtful Joe that much while it’s ok I never

really got into it, but the games are fun and the world

is unique and this game lends itself well to the DS

while not straying to much for the franchise.


Mushiking King of the Beetles

is god here in Taiwain. Everyone plays this game.

It consists of cards and paper, rock, scissors.

extremely simple and rather stupid, yet it’s

kinda fun in a way. It’s essentially just a level

of abstraction to paper and rock, but it provides

a nice little way to waste time. The DS post hardly

even uses the stylus and may as well be the first

arcade game minus card scanner.


Yawaraka Atama Juku

one of several brain trainers nintendo has put out.

this is actually a really cool little game that consists of

spatial reasoning puzzles and word games with

some basic math skills. worth a look.


Jump Superstars

despite an interface to complicated to figure out

not a bad game, but one I still haven’t really touched fully.


Also have played doom 3 on linux and am enjoying a great deal. 

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Taipei Game Show Mario fan art

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