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Taipei Game Show

Despite a name that could confused with a reality TV show the Taipei Game Show once again drilled in that techno and drum and bass are aparently the music of technology for what the 20th year running? All that aside, was a nice one floor exhibit with all the latest MMORPGs from Taiwan and Korea primarily taking over the floor. Stood in line for the PS3 video and was more amazed at the cool circular digital movie projector sony was showing off behind us. The videos were the standard fare, racing games, some FPSs, and a few “visions” of Gran Turismo and The Getaway. Videos from MGS4 (the one with Snake and Octacon(?) talking via the robot) was pretty cool and actually made apparent the realism of the game, one thing noticabley different from ps2 and ps3 games seems to be that the human characters in them move with an animism that makes traditional design seem cliched, but one forumla one game went so far as to situate the camera on the car’s chassis and watch things rumble, while certianly impressive it hardly seemed like something that would make a difference, graphics are nice and the ever increasing realism of the games physics is cool, but I really don’t care, I just want to play something that’s fun. The Biohazard 5 trailer was cool to, but I’ve seen it over the net so many times now… Final Fantasy trailer for ps2 was ok the PSP blob game where you tilt the screen looked pretty cool. MMORPG wise it looks like NC Soft and Webzen have some cool stuff. Huxley looks nice, new guild wars is neat, and a slew of Asia only RPGs seemed to be in abundance. Got a free disk for Silk Road. Mostly the Taipei Game Show was small and while it was crowded it didn’t seem to hold anything terribly special or worth the wait. It was interesting to see Asian men taking pictures of booth girls and their games and of course seeing booth girls off duty drapping coats over their bodies and eating with equally handsome boyfriends. Might consider hitting something in Tokyo next time. At the very least it was better than the Shanghai game show which almost seemed dead and NC Soft’s booth consisted of one shaking laptop with a table possibly becuase of restrictions on them.


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I’m from Alabama (apparently)

So since moving to Taipei I’ve admitted to the following: I’m afraid of black people (but I don’t think any less of them) and that I am against gun control. This is further impliecated by me being from “Alabama”. I lived there for 8 months, but basically when it comes to P.C. I’m pretty out of the loop. Jarvis comes back from the weekend and we’re hanging out when we meet up with some Canadains, we go to a bar and there I meet a dude from the hostel. We go down to a table and share it with a Taiwanese, American, and a German. I start to tell them about the gun control debate the guy from North Carolina tells me the U.S. looks pretty insane since he left it. This is reasonable I mean it is a pretty absolute-i-nish government with rules that completely disregard what might be common sensical behavioral norms, but part of the beauty of America has always been that you can do what you want. I meet a girl who looks like Lacey. The North Carolina dude tells me that people bigot against people from the South, it’s true once you leave it you may as well stop claiming it as your homeland etc. When I hit D.C. with Tilliander I meet a girl who didn’t understand how people in Florida could have no jobs, “I mean isn’t there like an art institutre they could work for?” In Florida? Kinda. Later I am leaving when the Lacey-like girl asks me to help her at foosball. She asks where are you from, I say you don’t want to know, she says where Texas? I hear they burn people down there. I am from Texas so so yeah but it’s worse than that. I tell them I’m from Alabama, after the game is done the girl across from the Ottawa girl (Tracey) keeps repeating (in a southern accent) “I’m from Alabama,” and won’t stop. She’s from the bay area she eventually confesses. It’s just ridicilous to be “liberal” and from “the south” and be treated this way. What possible incentive does being an asshole do to make the former person rethink their behavoir? And what is a generation that’s obessed with social norms likes P.C.s in the end of things? What happened to tolerance? When did tolerating someone’s behavoir become something unfashionable compared with being progressive?

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