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Eureka by Shinji Aoyama

There are many bleak films these days, but Sinji Aoyama’s maps out a hard time that perhaps is idiomatic of the way we all end up treated sometimes. Makoto a bus driver is involved in a bus hijacking along with 2 children. To cut to the chase the victim becomes the accused and despite miraid intentions to the contray is treated pretty badly by society as a whole. If anything Eureka maps out the emptitus of what forces many into the bases of traumas and the beginnings of lives on the margins. It maintains a slight from of hope in the film through only by making the bleak a cutting point for morality. A test Makoto passes more so than others. The point being the best don’t always win, but at least they hold their passions through and through. Taiwanese DVD is dual-language and international code so will play anywhere. Music by Albert Ayler, Jim O’Rourke, and the director make the cut.

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