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Google Video is boring

Sure google is nice for searching for stuff, but they just opened a video store and it sucks. I mean I’m sure Susumu Tonegawa: Keys to the Immune System is interesting, but it has the production values of Pyscho Cop 2. Additionally google’s usual blue, white, whatever interface is nice when you’re there for all of 5 seconds before your search goes through, but they don’t seem to know how to design a very good video store. I kinda feel like from the quality of the videos and the design that I’m shopping basement bargins instead of decent flicks, which I am… I mean dude ChinaPortal Presents:Distinctive Joan Chen couldn’t they get decent Chinese cheese TV like this? I’m sure this is an early we’re working on it hey dude look at your model for distributing your videos type of thing, but I can find better stuff for free on and it doesn’t even require windows XP or whatever. I think itunes and others are going to trample google video unless they can get 3rd parties to take their site and built something better around it (some apis and stuff we can fuck with and make our own blog-cum-kung-fu-joan-chen porn shrine that contextually links to their thingie) and if they can license shit like you wouldn’t beleive. Getting around google video requires you to search for the title or content by name, but why not just build categories or let someone make a OPML that lets them build categories. Searching for video is still in it’s beginnings and to expect people to A. search a site that looks like crap next to itunes or any online video rental place B. has the usability of a whole hog and C. doesn’t have a lot of content unless you wanna watch the NBA or Charlie Rose just doesn’t make a lot of sense. On the other hand google is letting anyone upload video to this, so if you want to sell your latest music video or your friends smashing bricks while screaming nazi nazi well you can apparently…or ast least I think so… ok really I don’t know. I know u can upload, but sell?


a few moments later A. you can’t actually upload a video of your friends screaming nazi obscenties or porn for that matter.

B. I beleive the model is based around you come to us and then when we approve your video you get free hosting and get to set the price hence this could be useful for small publishing houses and in theory for larger ones provided they’re cool with the less drm than itunes model. My major bitch is that they’re not openly letting you tag, opml, and other things their videos. this could grow a lot faster if we folks could build stuff around it and create website based on using their data and got a small percent of each sale by google’s usual ad model. would work better if someone else could make the specialized easy to navigate interface for google’s backend.

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the new flyod yeah i misspelled itz

travis aka machine drum’s new project.

i think this is the noise one.





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