Tauiwan update

January 8, 2006 at 4:24 pm Leave a comment

some facts about Kaohsiung.
it’s got 5 million people and almost no public transport.
buses run downtown, but not out to my place.
Apartment is a japanese room above a restuarant.
walk into the restaurant.
agents continue to say that their school is going to hire me,
but when I call the school they say they aren’t.
interviewed for 3 – 4 positions. one in a small town seeemed
desperate, but do I want to live there?
the small town folks are christian and seem a little bit weird.
the owner is a chubby little woman and her husband is a tad effeminate.
reminds of a couple I meet in korea who obviously couldn’t come out of the cloest. interestingly though gay-ness isn’t as much of an issue in Taiwan.
Some people do seem to be gay and out and about with girl and boyfriends while in Korea most gay-like people I meet all claimed to have girlfriends. Interestingly, Taiwanese seem to promote an “open” sexual culture while simulatneously not wanting to talk about it (when I mentioned that a friend of mine in hong kong wasn’t allowed to have girls over to his apartment she said she didn’t want to hear about it, that part of your life is yours she said.)
still making some money subbing.
kaohsiung is building a subway as we speak.


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People actually read my blog the new flyod yeah i misspelled itz

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