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more vids Coco Rosie, Lightning Bolt, others

Coco Rosie

if every angel is terrible

ye olde lightning bolt live footage.

Boredoms live in New York ? not sure on this one.

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squarepusher come on my selektor

ye olde squarepusher vid of the osaka mental institute.

Chris Chunningham directs.

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Animal Collective Video

it’s strange to suddenly realize how much these guys reminds me of the beach boys. Anyway, more videos.

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Banhart live

showed up on my tube

Banhart live

actually a bunch of Banhart videos on

right next to the Chonicles of Narnia rap by Lonely Island.

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My IE2

the pc bar here in Kaohsiung suddenly all have my IE2. Which suddenly has tabbed browsing but seems to fuck up all my pages. It’s ok, but a little annoying that it doesn’t work with a lot of my stuff. Apparently it’s not related to internet explorer and is old. what do ya know?


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Stuff I saw on other people’s blogs

As I continue to become more bloggy with every day here’s a few interesting things I wanted to post but not on for some reason.

U.S. planning attack on Iran?

Yes, Iran. The modernized wealthy middle eastern country that just passed a bunch of islamic cultural laws that make everyone squemish, might be the source of a U.S. backed invasion. My opinion is just to let it go, after all if they’re climbing into modernity there’s something to be learned and while their president is a holocaust denier, at least he’s not evading the questions around his politics.

Music videosĀ 

indie musicians are making videos which air in European television. Meanwhile in the U.S. we just blog about them and download torrents. Which is better? I don’t know, but Europe’s got smaller demographics cramed into smaller markets hence you don’t have to attract millions of fans to be viable for MTV just enough to get the media’s attention.

Dangerous Ideas

117 scientests get down on what the most dangerous ideas of our times are. It’s from metafilter btw and will be compiled in a book.

Kaohsiung Film Archive

Film archvies are generally big buildings with little access that you rent from, or so goes my imganiation. But the Taiwanese… no they’re not gonna stand for that. The Kaoshiung Municipial Film Archive is a little white buildings on the docks of a river with a lot of flat screens and people programming dvds into the screens. You can watch almost any Taiwanese film, cruise through Brazilian classics, watch a film festival in retrospect, and even go through a library of the history of film making. It’s well implemented and well designed. Includes archival footage of ancient China, all the Tsai Ming-Lliang films and other things. Includes a touch screen here you can look up dvd title and then borrow them in seclusion. Needed everywhere now. It’s cost effective, small, and works wonders.

What else did I want to write about? No idea.



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