Consumer Aircrafts

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Exploring my limits through aviation – Flying Adventures – Family fun vehicle

interesting little article on the history of consumers aircraft. At one point there were “family planes” in the U.S., but…

“Unfortunately the litigious nature of American society eventually made small planes uneconomical both for their prospective purchasers and the companies making them. For some years, several companies stopped making small planes altogether until the liability issues were worked out more clearly – but even now, its more expensive to own a simple single engine 4 seater that does around 100 knots than it was 50 years ago – I think the cheapest 4 seater you can buy today is a really stripped down Maule at about 120K USD . “

You can still buy a few of these planes. Taylor Craft,  Maule and Piper.

It’s interesting that liability killed personal and affordable aircrafts in the U.S. Kits still exist to build your own plane which circumvents the liability claims of the manufacturer by putting the liability of the plane on you i.e. you fuck up the manufacturing you’re dead, which is funny when you think about it that our legal system makes it harder for professionals to provide realiable well built transporation.

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