more employment problems

December 3, 2005 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

so the japanese woman on the phone sounds nice and we have a nice little interview
excpet for that when she sends the contract it sucks. they can fire me at any time,
I have to pay 2/3 of my health insurance, I can not have visitors to my apartment unless
ok’d with the staff, and also I have to pay for that apartment. I check on ESL Cafe and
they all say this contract sucks although it was taken down later (found it via google cache).
Regardless, it highlights the problem here: in seol the school sucked but the contract was good
in Japan the school sounds cool but the contract sucks and I’m way to broke to put up with assholes
that reserve the right to fire someone who just paid their own way there. my only real hope
is the job in jakarta which sounds good and checks out rather well (it’s even recommended by
a friend of a friend and the pay is goofd by jakarta standards). Here’s hoping Indonesia gets
back to me, would hate to be totally stranded in HK.


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economics, peer groups, wars quick thoughts on White Noise Records Hong Kong

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