This year’s top 40 is last year’s top 40

December 2, 2005 at 5:41 am Leave a comment

found this via Totalatarianism Today. Link to a list of the “top 40” American bands of 2005. Which really isn’t very different from last year’s “Top 40”. It’s funny, but it actually does take a lot of time to get your band into the top 40 of anything. Devandara Banhart, MF Doom, and Animal Collective all make appearances. Granted that my favorite Banhart is Nino Rojo which came out in 2004 so that would disqualify him from my vantage point, but my point is that top whatever lists are often more a sign of the critics listening habits over several years than just one and that amazingly our favorites don’t change much year by year, but more likely on a 3 – 5 year basis after all it’s taken A.C. that long to hit it big over 2 albums (sung tons and feels) and it’s taken MF Doom well well longer than that (upwards of 20 years of music making) to even begin to dent indie charts. The other problem is that everyone I know who is a genuine music junky ignores these things anyway, I’m not sure why, but culturally top ten lists are usually recaps of the 5 – 10 records that an assorted subculture, usually an american one, digested and for the most part can be enjoyed by a wider audience than just the critic, but at that, they say more about what will be copied than about what will be invented in the coming year or even the time span they purport to cover.

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addition: apparently this list is culled from asking bloggers about their favorite music and not just 1 person’s opinion. Also, I haven’t looked at the 2004 top 40 list from leaforwhateverblower I was just saying that the bands for 2005 were also on a lot of other lists including the pazz and jop list last year.

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