Carribbean Homosexuality

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“Other races and cultures have owned up to gays in their history, why is it a source of shame and fear for our descendants of ancient African civilisations to do the same?â€?The answer is we were taught to feel that shame and fear by the same colonial influences we now speak against. So deep is the indoctrination we cannot even look at our own Motherland honestly. Dictator Robert Mugabe is such a prime example of such a person. He accuses the British of bringing the “disease of perversionâ€? to his country of Zimbabwe and refuses all attempts to foster tolerance and equal rights as “colonial interferenceâ€?. What Mugabe does not or chooses not to recognise is that that homosexuality existed in Zimbabwe long prior to European contact. We know this because the “San” people, a tribe indigenous to that country did rock paintings that date back many thousands of years which depict sexual acts between men. The Bantu-speaking peoples of the plateau country have also admitted to ethnographers that homosexuality has been traditionally present in their culture. In Nigeria, another place where advocacy for tolerance is dismissed as “European meddlingâ€?, the native Hausa people of northern Nigeria and the surrounding countries offer interesting examples of homosexuality among their people for thousands of years before British colonialism. They speak of, ‘yan dauda, which is usually translated as “homosexual” or “transvestite” and ‘dan dauda, which translates as a “homosexual wife.”

Alien In The Caribbean: Why We Hate Homosexuals So Much

Found this via Global Voices. Interesting and rather informative story about homosexuality in African cultures. It’s interesting in that she notes that Colonial attitudes to homosexuality i.e. the catholic disdain for it have supplanted what might have been a tolerant culture before.

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