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Carribbean Homosexuality

“Other races and cultures have owned up to gays in their history, why is it a source of shame and fear for our descendants of ancient African civilisations to do the same?â€?The answer is we were taught to feel that shame and fear by the same colonial influences we now speak against. So deep is the indoctrination we cannot even look at our own Motherland honestly. Dictator Robert Mugabe is such a prime example of such a person. He accuses the British of bringing the “disease of perversionâ€? to his country of Zimbabwe and refuses all attempts to foster tolerance and equal rights as “colonial interferenceâ€?. What Mugabe does not or chooses not to recognise is that that homosexuality existed in Zimbabwe long prior to European contact. We know this because the “San” people, a tribe indigenous to that country did rock paintings that date back many thousands of years which depict sexual acts between men. The Bantu-speaking peoples of the plateau country have also admitted to ethnographers that homosexuality has been traditionally present in their culture. In Nigeria, another place where advocacy for tolerance is dismissed as “European meddlingâ€?, the native Hausa people of northern Nigeria and the surrounding countries offer interesting examples of homosexuality among their people for thousands of years before British colonialism. They speak of, ‘yan dauda, which is usually translated as “homosexual” or “transvestite” and ‘dan dauda, which translates as a “homosexual wife.”

Alien In The Caribbean: Why We Hate Homosexuals So Much

Found this via Global Voices. Interesting and rather informative story about homosexuality in African cultures. It’s interesting in that she notes that Colonial attitudes to homosexuality i.e. the catholic disdain for it have supplanted what might have been a tolerant culture before.

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Capitalism is eating itself. The market works, and when it works, it commodifies or obsoletes everything. That’s not to say that there’s no money out there to be had, but the money won’t come from a single, monolithic product line. The days of companies with names like ‘General Electric’ and ‘General Mills’ and ‘General Motors’ are over. The money on the table is like krill: a billion little entrepreneurial opportunities that can be discovered and exploited by smart, creative people Technology | Themepunks

The problem with this is that it’s still fairly untrue. Google is the king of search, amazon of retial sales, etc. While thousands of entrepeneuers are making they’re way on the internet now, I think it’s more likely this is due to the open nature of the commercialized internet and not an intrinsic part of the net itself.  Billions of people buying stuff, using stuff, etc will naturally lead to more than just a few major “brands” or companies of web services, but there is a limit and increasingly it seems the nature of the net is changing. Recently flock’s beta testers complained they didn’t have enough windows users for their tests. I mean that right there shows the way computers and the internet is going, a smallish “vanguard” or “indie-ish” group that ultimately uses software that the rest of the world never entirely digests and uses. While occasional break outs in indie films and music happen the actual culture that drives these little economies and cliques is fundamentaly different than the one that consumes them on a major level. Basically subcultures aren’t entirely defined in difference to some other, usually “larger”, culture they’re defined by idiosnycracies and their particular uses of the technologies around them. The question is, will the world outside of those with high technological obsessions, begin to emulate the behavoirs and morals of the folks powering these things? In time yes, but like any build, it takes a lot longer to get there. In other words, while you could achieve success fast in days of olde before there were as established customs when it came to internet use, companies and products today have a lot more working and viable competitors they will need to swim with before they can acheive the sucess of say google or MS. There’s only so many major behavoirs the internet can support and a good deal of those (search, blogging, p2p, social networking) are already hitting their zenith. New trends will take longer to emerge in the major culture of the net as a whole.

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This year’s top 40 is last year’s top 40

found this via Totalatarianism Today. Link to a list of the “top 40” American bands of 2005. Which really isn’t very different from last year’s “Top 40”. It’s funny, but it actually does take a lot of time to get your band into the top 40 of anything. Devandara Banhart, MF Doom, and Animal Collective all make appearances. Granted that my favorite Banhart is Nino Rojo which came out in 2004 so that would disqualify him from my vantage point, but my point is that top whatever lists are often more a sign of the critics listening habits over several years than just one and that amazingly our favorites don’t change much year by year, but more likely on a 3 – 5 year basis after all it’s taken A.C. that long to hit it big over 2 albums (sung tons and feels) and it’s taken MF Doom well well longer than that (upwards of 20 years of music making) to even begin to dent indie charts. The other problem is that everyone I know who is a genuine music junky ignores these things anyway, I’m not sure why, but culturally top ten lists are usually recaps of the 5 – 10 records that an assorted subculture, usually an american one, digested and for the most part can be enjoyed by a wider audience than just the critic, but at that, they say more about what will be copied than about what will be invented in the coming year or even the time span they purport to cover.

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addition: apparently this list is culled from asking bloggers about their favorite music and not just 1 person’s opinion. Also, I haven’t looked at the 2004 top 40 list from leaforwhateverblower I was just saying that the bands for 2005 were also on a lot of other lists including the pazz and jop list last year.

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Lane and friends finally get covered

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Lane Barrington and friends and then some more friends and also of course Jeff and Cory finally get coverd by the papers as Yip Yip gets more records out. It seems like Orlando, FL is finally coming to fruition. Anyway, full story here.

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e-democracy again and again

the strangeness of democracy, and perhaps one of the reasons why war
has been in decline since it began to become the government of most of the world,
is that you find yourself strangely connected to choices and events you wouldn’t
other wise. Here in Hong Kong a December 4th march for democracy is going on,
but what if you didn’t have any type of representive government? what then
would you feel? It’s often argued that people as a whole are to fickle to make the
right decissions to feed themselves, which may or may not be true, but they’re
not really the ones making the decissions. Most people are electing people to make
them for them, what if we just directly made the choices in our governments? if
we just had a big wiki on which the law is written? I’m of the opinion that
be opening up debate to the thousands would probably result in better laws.

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