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Zom Zoms

zom zoms

Band from Austin with a certian feeling of The Busboys and Devo. Remarkable to Yip Yip.

Website here 

be a capitalist and buy here.

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Kaohsiung PC Rooms

are awfull. Steam crashed repeatably in the first one, none of them have firefox, but I can download it in a few seconds, but then it crashes. Korean PC rooms were amazing with the staff constantly updating boards, tweaking windows, and other things. Comparatively Taiwan’s rooms seem to have no pride. You also have to get an assitant to ring you into your computer instead of just taking a card and they usually require you to buy drinks in addition to the pc use. Additionally I am expected to shoulder all of the cost my transporation and other things in Taiwan going to school and this is with out a contract or even a visa. I’m literally spending money not sure if I’m going to have an income tomorrow. I’ve discovered China to generally be like performance pay in Hong Kong, haggling for salaries on the mainland, Taiwan pays well, but is it worth it when you pay for apartment + travel and your agents are incredibly rude? Despite the fact that my agent should know that I’m good to pay him back when I get a chance, my agent demanded I pay him back after asking to come to his office to go get a medical check. Can’t wait till I have the ARC card and don’t have to bother with these people. Today my luggage came from Hong Kong and they demanded I come pick it up right now instead of after I get off work. Just ridicilous. So rude.

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Florida Voting Districts

Appear to be in trouble:

A quick scan of the various different laws in different states does
reveal that Florida’s districting laws are pretty lax


Constitution, Article III, Section 16

Section 16. Legislative apportionment.

(a) Senatorial and Representative Districts. The legislature at its regular session in the second year following each decennial census, by joint resolution, shall apportion the state in accordance with the constitution of the state and of the United States into not less than thirty nor more than forty consecutively numbered senatorial districts of either contiguous, overlapping or identical territory, and into not less than eighty nor more than one hundred twenty consecutively numbered representative districts of either contiguous, overlapping or identical territory. * * *

This is probably the smallest number of guidelines of any state. I’m not saying
that’s necessarily bad (simple might be better), but more of the southern U.S.
including georgia and alabama have ammedments for voting rights acts i.e. legislation
that prohibits diluting minority groups by gerrymandering etc.

Hawaii for instance states:
2. No district shall be so drawn as to unduly favor a person or political faction.

In other words redistricting on a rather massive and partisan basis is definitely possible in Florida. Although as this campaign contributions map shows Orlando is primarily republican hence
having equality in districts would artifically boost other parties power:


That’s my initial look at it. The petition for better districting laws is here.

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Mari Nakamura

is amazing.

via Samantha Culp

for thouse outside of asia gemm’s got her.

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things for the holidays’s holiday charity to give voice mail to Katrina victims. This is worth the cost.

Holiday tunes

from Fred Noel. minimal tunes for the christmas time.

No Future’s Christmas stock

Cepia – Christmas Time is Here
Outputmessage – Carol of the Bells
Benoit Pioulard – Rays in the Tallow

from Ghostly’s Christmas stock.

Anyway, for christmas got another Asian pink slip.

Ahh damn these chinese cultures and their demands on unity.




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update second day school in chang hua decided to not hire me.
agents got part time job in langhua and a small job I start training
for monday in Tianan (which is nice) and Kaohsiung (which is cool).
Chang Hua job cancelled becuase they didn’t think I was harmoniouns with the other teachers, which is probably true. Got a cool new apartment, japanese room on the second floor of this restuarant. rent is 4000 nt per month. pretty cool little place you get into through second floor of kitchen.

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Places I’ve lived in terms of political contributions (my life through software)

Time there: 2 years

Place Memphis, TN (Germantown)


Time there: 7 years

Place: Orlando, FL


Time there: 8 months

Place: Birmingham, AL


Time there: 12 years

Place: Houston, TX



The surprise? Apparently where I grew up i.e. West U. in Houston is the most “liberal” area provided liberal is defined as democrat. The second most Orlando, FL. But only West U has a majority.

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farm subsdides :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Ag subsidies revealed!!!
yes I’m not an economist, yes I’m probably dabbling into a field into which I know nothing, but the continuing articles on farm subsidies (in both the EU and Amerca) does show just how bad farming is.

“We know that a sticking point in the WTO negotiations is the resistance by the developed world to reduce their agricultural subsidies. Within that simple statement, however, the nature of ag subsidies is incredibly opaque. If you read Arvind Panagariya’s Foreign Affairs essay, you discover that there are different “boxes” of subsidies. You also discover — according to Cato’s Daniel A.Sumner — that many of these subsidies could soon be ruled as in violation of existing U.S. commitments to the WTO.

For now, however, these subsidies are here — but who, exactly, gets them?

For that answer, I encourage you to check out the Environmental Working Group’s Farm Subsidy Database. Through many, many FOIA requests, they have produced. an interactive website chock full of interesting facts. For example:

  • Half of all subsidies go to only 5% of Congressional districts.
  • Four commodities—corn, wheat, rice and cotton—account for 78 percent of all ag subsidies.”
  • Obviously more work needs to be put into getting un-profitable forms of farming out of the picture so that we can import better and cheaper foods from “the third world”


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    net vibes

    this is amazing.
    wish I could combine several different feeds
    into one list i.e. an aggreator, but all the other options
    such as gmail to writely is amazing. just a really good app.
    It would be cool if it did away with the browser entirely
    and net vibes just became part of your desktop, but I
    suppose that’s what everyone is working on these days.

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    More non-profits

    venture philanthorpy they’re calling it.
    Anyway, more non-profits doing interesting things
    Google has decided to fund a group that’s raising literacy rates
    by subtitling Indian television and poo music.

    Another company is providing free voice mail for the poor.
    The results have been 50% of users finding work in 2 months of
    getting a regular number for employers to call:

    It’s strange that just providing people with simple stuff like
    voice mail, cars, or even same language subtitles is helping out so much.


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