dorothy has boots

November 28, 2005 at 7:31 pm Leave a comment

all over Asia women are wearing cowboy boots.
This is oviously just one of the several ways Asia
has pulled ahead of us. Women are sexier in boots.
This has been proven by years of living in and outside
of the great Texan myth. But let’s see here, when we
speak Cantonese we don’t do to well, so I am out
and about for 8 hkd poor as fuck mcdonald’s run when
I stop at a street vendor grilling some type of meat.
obviously I have found my chance to possibly circumvent
mickey-dees for some type of culinary art form probably
lost in most of chinese due to it’s tie in with such
and such religious group. or am i making stuff up?
the later yes. I am behind in lesson. But the grill
cook doesn’t speak english and refers me to the girl
behind her. Now in China and Korea women just go all
out slutting it, or maybe I’m just losing me initial
asian girl high, but the fact of the matter is, these
women in hong kong and often in japan seem less inclined
to whore. hell even the prostitutes in hong kong dress
decently. Anyway, the girl begins to crack up giggling,
laughing, spewing out a perfectly pronounced variant of
English which I can’t understand through her nervousness.
Now let’s assume time doesn’t always move forwards, let’s
say it in reality works with a slight kink, a tow in it’s line
that moves forwards and backwards and occasionally hits us
in the back, but let’s say this line ripped both of us
right through the crotch. I want to fuck this girl and
she’s just sitting there telling me how to pronounce chicken
wing in Cantonese. I say thanks and she mixes up our bags.
Her friend Selena, slightly more geeky, comes over with
an adominished solitude that I haven’t seen outside of
1950s films. Seleana has been waiting at some pre-approved
place for dining. As I walk back to my apartment I realize
she was asking, stammering in an English so unbeleivably
cute-ified by glasses and white lace boots, if I wanted to
come eat with them. I am smoking on the poduim when this occurs to me.

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