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so once all the sleaziness and bullshit of hong kong wears off you’re in a decent city. it’s full of little stores hovking european small time designers, a bustling little scene of music makers, a decent music shop. It’s actually a rather nice place to be. The first day of work for Frankie’s company turns out to be ok. Turns out when the responsibility is placed on the employee, the boss just kinda steps aside. you feel more free. the dudes working at the institute are british and rather nice. a kinda j.t. almond like dude works there, who cheerily pipes up pleasanties while discussing “the monsters” I’m teaching. The monsters turn out to be better than seoul kids who are just fucked up. rather nice experience. now the whole problem is, am I heading towards another shitty english language school in Japan? it’s called K&F and can’t find any info on it. actually kinda wanna stay in hong kong and see how this all turns out. Japan is rather done and I’m tired of it. Granted Japan has it’s benefits, but I know I will only end up working for 6 months at K&F and maybe less if it turns out to be a bad school. the dudes on the phone from japan sound like assholes. we’ll see. I have another interview tomorrow. might just stay here and see if IU can hash it out. would be nice to have my own apartment for a change, and live in a town I like in a countrt that’s actually not bad that will actually let me immigrate to it if I so choose. Things would need to change in Hong Kong fast though, more work this week or really by monday. my third interview is monday for japan, think I got the job. just not sure on japan really. tired of the forienger bullshit. Rammond from pizza milano is totally drunk on maggie’s wine. we’re on some roof top and everyone is cosmopolition. the british couple that maggie is trying to break up is there and is pretty cool. gives me some links to some decent british grime, rather nice folks. it’s funny to talk to them and their views on america. Laura, i think that is her name, confesses it’s just everyone hates the boss, and maybe they do, but being American I can’t help but fell something is really wrong with my country, something that needed to be fixed a long time ago.


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