hong kong is pretty cut throat

November 23, 2005 at 5:44 pm 2 comments

so on the morning of my second class I am fired. my employer refuses to pay me full wage and instead offers to pay me 1/2 of my wage for the reminaing school. I am almost out of money. I start looking for new jobs. Frankie Wong of the English College in Mong-Kok kindly informs me that in order to work there I have to start at 10 hours a week and get paid 100 HKD per hour i.e. 1000 HKD per week i.e. 128 dollars. That’s starting. There are no text books, you just talk with your students for awhile about a news article and get paid. It sounds fine from an economist’s scale after all I am put in the situation of doing my best to just get paid. The system it set up so that Frankie can sit there and do nominally nothing while we sit around and work our asses off. This is the problem with such a profitability scheme, while it arguably brings out the best in a person i.e. creative ventures to teach new materials in new ways, it puts no pressure on the school to bring more students in. They live the socialist life of an imperialist while you work to make a meager 12 usd per hour. Granted 12 usd per hour isn’t a bad amount, but let’s face it, this system comes down to them taking no risk while potentially fucking you for no reason. This is Hong Kong mind you… which is technically speaking about as expensive as a lower level European city. Expect to spend 100 hkd a day if you’re skrimping to get by. I sell my playstation and PSP for about 200 USD with 5 games which the clerk identifies as Japanese when they are really Korean. This isn’t a bad rate, in Hong Kong games go for about 30 – 40 USD and PSPs for far less. I get about 50 usd less than what babbages would have paid. The problem with Hong Kong is that this isn’t what I want to do. In the U.S. we realize this and don’t expect employees to devote their entire lives to commerce, in Hong Kong it just is commerce. Frankie’s system only works provided we’re willing to work for the dollar, which we aren’t. We work for goals not money quite often, and the goals of teaching is often to provide better encourangement for the students not to force them to take part in silly games so you can get paid and continue living. I don’t like Hong Kong anymore. Even Koreans didn’t go this low as to make the art of work into a game where the probability of failure is put on the employee when the boss to should share some blame. Hong Kong is based off a compromise, capitalism as robber barron instead of google ceo. I return home and find the girl at the sandwich shop falling asleep at her post. I feel like her most of the time.

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