Korea’s closed network

November 19, 2005 at 2:16 pm Leave a comment

one last thing about Korea now that I’m not there. In Korea sites like naver.com and games like special force and kart rider require a CCID to get on them. The CCID is your Korean national id number. Even if you’re a “forienger” working in Korea and have a CCID on your alien registration card you can’t get on these sites unless you fax the company and ask for a specific ID for yourself. Hence, even China or Iran’s internet policies seem rather liberal compared to Korea’s. Of course the CCID is part of Korea’s attempt to protect the pirvacy of it’s citizens in the wake of the dog shit girl fiasco (at least I think it is, but if I recall correctly I remember Kart Rider being closed well before that), but it’s still funny that the country’s system requites an extra step for non-koreans. Do heritage visa CCIDs work with their internet? If so, it’s easier to find a Korean somewhere and ask for their number than to fax a server to be able to logon. It’s not son much that I’m saying this is closed, but it’s rather typical of the way Korea feels, if your foriegn everything requires an extra step be on the same footing as the natives who drive by you everyday.


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