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Korea’s closed network

one last thing about Korea now that I’m not there. In Korea sites like and games like special force and kart rider require a CCID to get on them. The CCID is your Korean national id number. Even if you’re a “forienger” working in Korea and have a CCID on your alien registration card you can’t get on these sites unless you fax the company and ask for a specific ID for yourself. Hence, even China or Iran’s internet policies seem rather liberal compared to Korea’s. Of course the CCID is part of Korea’s attempt to protect the pirvacy of it’s citizens in the wake of the dog shit girl fiasco (at least I think it is, but if I recall correctly I remember Kart Rider being closed well before that), but it’s still funny that the country’s system requites an extra step for non-koreans. Do heritage visa CCIDs work with their internet? If so, it’s easier to find a Korean somewhere and ask for their number than to fax a server to be able to logon. It’s not son much that I’m saying this is closed, but it’s rather typical of the way Korea feels, if your foriegn everything requires an extra step be on the same footing as the natives who drive by you everyday.


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flock a month or so later

rocks. makes it easy to blog and keep track of shit.

updates come easily, it’s fairly stable etc.

when u get the hang of it it’s definitely better than firefox, but still not enough to warrant all the hype and I’m waiting on better design it still feels like a browser and I want something that notices and includes my web surfing habits better. still as an upgrade to what i.e. or netscape provide, it’s pretty amazing. I might add my new apartment was wi-fi everywhere so updating from the pond. it’s kinda funny to get all the technological dood-dads of laptops together, when you do continous computing seems more like a reality. now if my cell phone could only work most of the time…


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The Wayward Cloud aka Tian bian yi duo yun

Finished Tsai Ming-Liang’s The Wayward Cloud

thanks to a south korean porn shop I found it in.

Well worth seeing, probably my favorite Ming-Liang so far. It’s essentially another parable about relationships, but it’s also a rather good film about the strangeness of desire or something like that. I can’t quite put my finger on where it’s all going, but regardless it feels like love and ends with it too. More later when I can actually resolve what I think about this movie. Ming-Liang is definitely the best metaphorical film maker in Asia, even when dabbling in porn it seems more like a discussion of sex than a basking in blatant porn… and the water melon sex scenes are cool

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quick update Grey Lodge films, Byrne’s “irony”, HK economics

still in hong kong. looks like job might be good.

things found as of late:

Grey Lodge Occult Review

includes torrents for Maya Deren, Titicut Follies, and others.

via Samantha Culp


is it realy irony? David Byrne has a long history
with the “ironic” view of the times. If this is paradise
then give me a lawn mower etc, but bought grown backwards
again the other day and on track 4 he urges, “Young artists and writers, please head the call, what’s good for business is good for us all…” Here’s the problem with taking this ironically, we live in a strange Doormouseian world in which major companies proclaim their environmental commitments (and make good on them)
In national elections
in songs raised on high
with stirring emotions
and tears fill our eyes
in democratic fever for national defense
i am a mountain
i am a mountain
like birds upon a fence

for as it is in nature so it is in life
the weak among us parish
the weak among us parish
the strong alone survive

vioces like thunder
decissions like steel
The past and the future they belong to us all
from efery mountin the water and the land
the world that we’ve created
by working hand in hand

Obviously Byrne isn’t aiming his gun at google exactly, but the point being industry might be worth singing about if you spend to much time reading The Economist or even Marginal Revolution. Art is a free market and what are companies but poetry of a sort?

Hong Kong The Far Eastern Economic Review has a piece on Hong Kong’s attempts to compete with Shanghai. His conclusion: Hong Kong is making the mistake of putting to much into the government for economic growth and not enough into the “human capital” of it’s citizens. He also advocates better immigration law. While his conclusions seem hasty having beaten tracks around Asia these days I’m inclined to agree. Regardless of what happens with Japan’s economy, that isn’t going to keep Sony from being bankrupt. There’s more to the economy than just laws and respecting the citizens and giving them the opporunity to create things seems to help. Israel’s army gives it’s soldiers the opportunity to educate themselves and work on projects with in the army. The result, if such programs correlate with reality, more people making stuff… i.e. the Israeli boom.

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