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Hong Kong initial impressions

A. Hong Kong is the most liberal town in Asia. It’s obviously where things “happen” as the saying goes.

B. Japan and Korea need to grow up and join the world. Protectionists economies and immigration policies might be better for the locals (and some of those policies are in HK too), but ultimately you’re better off just trying to be better than coke than banning it and making your own version ala Lotte.

C. It’s a friendly town. The anxiety and contast mis-understanding of Corea aren’t as available here, neither do people seem terribly concerned choking or perserving (your choice) their culture. Yong-San seems like a bricolage of repeting motifs compared to the meager 3 stories of the golden computer building and it’s motherboards and it’s laptops etc.

D. People always accuse HK of being more “western” than Asia. This is just an excuse to distance themselves from actually having to deal with the world. Even the “third world” has jets these days, just let them come. I ate thai food from a thailand woman who spoke cantonese who’s daughter was learning english who called over a chinese man to speak english with me. Give me a break, HK is more Asian than China could ever muster, it’s just full of all of Asia instead of the selected race hiding behind the government today.

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