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hong kong first impressions

basically what japan is to americans hong kong is to the british, but HK exists as the central point of asia, it’s the world’s fastest immigration service, the night after going around town i am looking out some huge window, using free wi-fi, and overlooking some old chinese temple which is flocked with blossoming trees.there’s approximiately 18,000 things to do in a city more compressed than Seoul. I have to go get a plug for my laptop.


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The Marshmallow Kisses or Hong Kong pop

Midori recommended I check these guys out when I told her I was moving to Hong Kong.

Sweet and melancholic pop similar to B&S with out the sad-bastardness or Rilo Kiley

on a good day… and I mean a really good day. Twee-ish. Hong Kong. Clips here

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leaving Korea

Money actually can buy you love and any relationship wether business or personal does come with it a series of costs. Really, we could break down all our relations into their cost by day basis and then begin to figure who needs a pink slip from there, but the 430,000 wong I spent to get out of my Korean job was probably something of a steal. As I’m leaving the former angry hogwon owner now smiles and she has a pleased feeling in her face and body. This is a price worth the effort becuase I’m probably going to need them again. As I leave Korea my forienger card is revoked and I feel a little satisfaction, for the first time in awhile I’m free of immigration and the asymmetry of being in a country where the rules are entirely written in another language. My first Hogwon owner told me I had to fill out a form every time I left the country, I called immigration and they told me it wasn’t true, but as today has proved, immigration doesn’t know much about immigration, I can’t just leave and come back on the same visa, I have to get another one. This means that in order to stay in Korea I must leave Korea, come back as a tourist, work illegally for 20 days, leave Korea, and then come back with a new e-2 visa. It’s effectively impossible to ever be legally employed in Korea for any length of time with out a spousal visa. It’s not so much that this is anti-forienger or racist, even in Seoul where the kids taunt you with racial epithets and run up to smell you after a hard day, the visa issue continues to be a vestige of an era that’s remakrably over. For the most part, no one really cares. Chiksa, the waiter says when I enter, nei I say. But he doesn’t want me to eat at his restuarant becuase they dine in droves, Koreans have large dinners consisting of 2 or more and the person in question is paying for the other person’s expenses. Hence my single dining experience is limited to sitting down and ordering side dishes instead of full meals. How are these people to blend in when they are redisocvering a past the Japanese burnt from under them? They can’t. Two options exist for Korea, give it up, or begin to blend. In Seoul this is happening, fusion food is everywhere Korean BBQ that takes Western beef and plasters it with red pepper and hot sauce, spaghetti, but let’s not talk about food, let’s talk about complaining. In Seoul they complain. My manager wonders why I am paying this Hogwon money, but how else am I to get my Degree back if I don’t pay for my rent. Afterwards my hands rubbed bare by lugging a suitcase down a hill and around town, I get to my hotel. The owner quickly grabs my bags and gives me a good room. It’s a nice place. I spend the next day on the train, on the bus, and then the airport, Getting ready for a job in Hong Kong that hopefully will be better.

p.s. turns out Hong Kong is way better. holy fuck can’t beleive how limited Korea is.

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