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The Mae Shi Go Zbra Deleted Art

The Mae Shi Go Zbra Deleted Art OK so a lot of people have admittedly made the hey dude all you have to do is press random and the album just plays itself album, and The Mae Shi do seem indebted to Osaka’s noise scene (Boredoms, Satanicpornocultshop, etc.) but has anyone managed to make a rock album out of chopplets of sincere 30 second songs of frenzy except maybe To Live and Shave in LA? Nah, not really and if they have just e-mail me the fucking files, I need to hear this shit. But The Mae Shi’s games are more fun than anything improvisers originally intended them for. Example: If a song is good make a sequel, but more importantly they sound like their live even when some mp3 player’s algorithim is playing DJ. Further adding to this, they fucking hock up songs off their old albums. But all this high-minded shit aside, not even one quarter of their charm comes from such hi-jinkinks, these are genuinely bitten muffed exploding songs and gameboy frilled indietronica. This latest ep hardly compares to Thunderbird’s sonic travelogue of discoherence, but the material is still good. The ditties where they take out a moment to play it cool are sincere in a breezy way their very normality reminding you it isn’t always pure inspiration, they blend into a mix of Bobbie Birdman or The Postal Service easily, but the rock quadruples most bands energy shreding any pretense of mischief, these are scrawlings of an immense size and beauty packed into time frames realistic to sync up with their actual moments of Eureka.

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