Why we need downloadable movies right now

October 31, 2005 at 6:43 am Leave a comment

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In the last week I’ve bit torrented two films: Primer and Cypher. While both I’m assured are good films (Cypher’s camera work apprears to be good), Primer is in Spanish and Cypher is in German. There’s nothing quite like waiting a day or so for a bit torrent film to download and then discovering… it’s dubbed in another language. These are films I’d really like to see, their smart low budget digital flicks orignally made in English. But due to the MPAA crack down on torrents, you can’t find them in English. I’m about 2,000 miles at least away from the U.S. where finding these films would be hard to begin with much less finding them in a foriegn country in addition to this I have no way of getting most of them except amazon.com. If I’m willing to commit to a 2 day download for a pirated copy in bad resolution of a film, it seems like someone is missing their meal ticket here. While I know Walmart has pre-empeted downloadable films, these aren’t Walmart affairs. These are smart small budget sci-fi films that fit with in a particular audience. If you can figure out how to make a good sci-fi film on a lowbudget can’t you figure out how to make a paypal part and bit torrent tracker to work together? I would love to show these films to my students.



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