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when youn leave you take an action, but an action to what? to leaving?
can we leave by action or by choice? is choice acting? can leaving
be filled with acting or are we actors when we leave? excuse me folks
I need to go, you say, and you leave, but when did you leave? at the
moment of conception, when you first thought damn I’m going to leave
or when the foriegn becomes a concept to big to actualize? when the
women move down and the sum up? let’s not forget puritan values… yes
those that are anti-british remember, we don’t let this in our culture.
at one point american became hard to immigrate too, it became essentially
closed, and today it’s only real competitor is korea for sheer lack of action.
but what is action? do we act when we move? where do we start? are arrows
the nature of words? can we by transzersing a distance 1/2 the size of the
original eventually reach our point? yes, but do thoughts do? no not really.
let’s for a second imagine minicolumns are traversed by the electric? then are
we not moving in our brains? is not the austic the mover? are we then feeling
meat for philosophy? why can’t we just wank thinking into one continous cycle
one moment of utter abandon? why can’t we spell more than we think? and is vocabulary
limited by words or our ability to redefine the words? why not just write for hours
and hours. sleep well your axiomatic bridge and staple repeller aren’t well tonight.


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