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More on Nancy Lang

So apparently he pseudo-futuristic robot worlds aside Nancy Lang’s stated mission in art is to make is all more accessible. This has included releasing a book

with pseudo-porn and also doing various performances.

 Nancy's book

Her point being to engage art with the same sexual polemics as cruising for chicks and watching the next Budweiser commercial. It’s art with is as much shameless sexual promotion  as the trucks full of girls that dance down Korea’s highways or the dancing girls for electronics or Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea girl floats. Asians have no problem making sex an obvious selling point for their products including maid cafes etc. If anything their ability to commodify women into the beautiful object you get to fuck for trying out the new playstation game is rather amazing. Example:

and that’s rather tame by comparission of the short-less fuck me-ness of KFC’s China promotions of Even the Coke/WoW commercial. All of which is further packaged  in a kinda psuedo-girls’ out type of thing. But if anything, the comments on Nancy Lang’s blog seem to reveal she rather enjoys this image and as South Korean girls continue to characterize her as “sexy cool”. The point being Ms. Lang’s performance is just another aspect of a balls to the wall Asianic approach to getting people to like you. Her incredibly agreeable persusaion, kitchsy responses to fan mail, and blant sexualized promotion only co-opt what works in Korea, sex sells and maybe galleries need dancing girls in front to get more people in.

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Blogs Worth Reading

Should have done one of these years ago.

Anyway, blogs worth reading. Global Voices is a compenduim of various blogs from all over the world. I seem to prefer the ones with humor hence Sidaki’s blog a Kenyan man with a peculair ability to put politics and drinking into something word reading is of note as is Singapore’s Mr. Brown who also does work for some papers in Singapore. Joi Ito’s blog is incredibly like-able and generally full of good natured content on the world and the internet at large. Regine’s infamous We Make Money Not Art generally is of interest. The Fucked Gaijin forums is generally a good repository for japanese stuff and commentary. It’s also the home of Rob Pongi who conducts various videos from Tokyo. World Changing continues to be something I read. Neil Hagery’s blog I covered before, but I rather like. Anyway, a lot of stuff out there and no one reading this blog becuase I moved.



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