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Sprawl from Regulations + Sprucing up those Mercernaries

From Environemtnal and Urban Economics The following nicely laid theory:
Jonathan Levine confronts the free market myth by pointing out that land development is already one of the most regulated sectors of the U.S. economy. Noting that local governments use their regulatory powers to lower densities, segregate different types of land uses, and mandate large roadways and parking lots, he argues that the design template for urban sprawl is written into the land-use regulations of thousands of municipalities nationwide.

This strikes me as the most likely explination for American sprawl… badly intergrated laws. Anyway, I’m going to buy his book

Henrick Clausen has compiled a list of the world’s Camouflage From the J-Walk Blog

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Lim Kyung Sup or more South Korean art

Not as flashy as Nancy Lang (who apparently spent the first half of her career engaging in near softporn poses) Ms. Lim’s work reminds more of American collagists like Paper Rad and of course E-Rock’s Light and Sound blog.

naive stuff in other words. but still rather thoughtful and nice.

BTW I’m moving to Seoul on Tuesday now officially.. finally.

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The Art of Nancy Lang

South Korean artist Nancy Lang goes out of her way to make sure her portraits look like good wholesome American icongraphy. Here she is posing in front of some movie posters
var BgArray = new Array(
var gifimage=””;
var picfolder=”./”;
today=new Date();
jran = (jran*ia+ic) % im;
gifimage = picfolder+BgArray[ ( Math.ceil((jran/(im*1.0))
*BgArray.length) ) – 1];

and on her BBS she comments on thanks for all the fan mail etc. She seems to be extending her performance to the way she responds to her art, making Lindsay Lohan theatrics part of her process of debunking the artist’s image… or maybe she just really likes chick flicks? who knows. Anyway, I accidentally snapped a picture of one of her pieces in Seoul the other day and then found her website today.

There’s a lot of irony here, but still she seems to be the artist you could take home and your mother would love to meet =) well except when she’s dancing in a bikini with a random guy or lying on the ground etc.

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