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Matias Aguayo

Speaking of Kompakt, Phillip Sherbourne points to this young man. Spacey and kinda tech-ee Kompakt pop with a little electro thrown in for good measure. i.e. standard dance music of the Germanic sort these days. Clips and records here

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New Mayer and Kompakt costs

so right now it’s $1.00 to even have my add show up on google much less overlooking that I couldn’t possibly even break even on those numbers

I think the other advetiser upped his share enough to effectively drive me out of business. At the very least I’m not losing money anymore, becuase I have been driven off the board.

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Things that don’t work: Adwords for tech

So a few weeks back I had an idea, why not advertise Kompakt lps on using my seller number? Anyway, after putting the ads in I found out my originally qouted 1 cent a click price was upped to about 30 cents per click in order to get my adds to even show up on google. After upping the ads, I was assured several times that my ad’s text sucked (and hey maybe it does), but long story short. They’ve been running like 2 weeks. Granted that for every 2,000 something hits for Michael Mayer I’m only getting 4 click throughs a day, but here the’s problem: I’m losing about $1.02 per day. But how much have I made so far? Nothing. My account hasn’t registered a single sale in 2 weeks. In fact, even if I made 1 sale every few days it still wouldn’t off-set the cost of the advertising (and that’s at what 30 cents per click?).

So despite all the talk about the “long tail” or whatever, it still ain’t cheap enuff to support it.



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Free Banhart from Cripple Crow on Amazin

here From Cripple Crow. Haven’t listned yet. peace, a
Thanks to Oolsi

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