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Howl’s Moving Castle

Deborah Shamoon gave Miyazaki’s latest a bad review over at chanpon, and her major complaint was: “his only film so far in which the story just doesn’t measure up to the fantastic visuals,” adding regarding Sophie’s curse, “You might expect that the remainder of the movie would involve Sophie’s
quest to lift the curse of old age, but in fact, she hardly makes any
effort in that direction.” Maybe this is becuase I’m not a girl, but I didn’t feel that way at all. It seemed to me like the story was so complicated, and it times churning, that Shopie’s curse was one of about 6 different curses eternally always about to be broken in the story. Very little time was spent dawdling on each character (what is the kid’s story anyway?) and if I recall correctly part of the story is Sophie trying to find out what will end the curse to begin with. But all of that aside, Deborah is correct, this isn’t Miyazaki’s best film (I still prefer Naussica and Princess Monoke), but it’s not a bad film. As engrossing stories go Howl seems to be a little bit skimpy, Miyazaki I think broke down what was probably a fairly involved story into it’s component parts. At no point do we know that the scare crow aka turnip-head is actually a prince etc in fact is anyone in the film not a prince? I don’t remember. But howl is a well realized world that needs about 20 – 30 minutes more in charaterization to really make it work. Digital cam sub here.

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Music and Stuff Konki Duet, Feels, Fujiwara Daisuke

Momus is apparently in Love with the Konki Duet who has a Free Kitten thing going on. I think David_f linked to them awhile back. The lowlander also points us to Alefandra and Aaeron’s old collection of folk music

Animal Collective’s Feels has been out for awhile, but I’m just now hearing the jukebox It’s ok.

Daisuke Fujiwara is this the same man who fire branded don cherry world-jazz a few months back? maybe or maybe not. but man he’s got some mp3s. from slow leering tech-ee things to brilliantly flat recorded guitar and sax duets. worth a shot or too.

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