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In the least few months things have gotten totally crazy in the U.S. Well actually they’ve been crazy for a long time, but they’ve been getting crazier. Walmart decided to start testing out “green” buildings that are energy efficient and cut down on pollutants, they then proceeded to gear up for Katrina while Fema waited in the wings, Fema was lambasted and it’s director is gone, one of it’s former workers has now revealed he was put on hold while in New Orleans while Michael Brown was a dinner party, many of the white house P.R. staff have been brought up on charges of leaking Valerie Palmer’s identity (although they probably won’t go to jail), PR scandals galore of have come out including paying journalists, the senate outlawed torture again… wow can’t believe that one was hard to pass, The Hammer has been indicted twice (and the charge might stick), information seems to be passing around the U.S. again, the only real negative is that the U.N. wants to control the internet which isn’t a bad idea, an international organization should be able to have a say in the role of information coming in and out of their countries, but the problem being we’ll lose the transparency of icaan’s technocratic blogging adivsors for obfuscated politics and badly designed sites. A better plan needs to be proposed for the internet’s international stature one that guarantees free speech and decentralization while allowing countries the ability to manager their economic inputs and outputs from websites while debating their issues in front of the public. Economies are recoverying from South Korea to Japan to Iran, Africa is in the midst of enabling it’s entrepenuers to reach new markets, ethical economics has suddenly become a concern for the World Bank, Rumsfield has announced the U.S. will step down it’s military in South Korea (I’m sure people in Seoul will be happy tomorrow), in away I think my livejournal and my blog are merging, my point being if we all work at some point it pays off, maybe in miniscule increments not appreciable in the average lifetime, but taking some time everyday to practice the basics of perserverance is worth the effort. When I lived in Orlando I started a night, or a curated a night, or something like that. It went pretty well, and now several years after my passing, the scene there is building again, Orlando has it’s first national band with Yip Yip, and all my open lists of information for magazines and booking agents have finally begun to pay off, Raphael managed to make an amazing tour for Andreas Tilliander, which is totally bad ass, Andreas is going to get to go everywhere in North America… even Montrael where people have actually cared about his music for awhile. Small things, mailing lists, rss feeds, wikis, groups of 10 or more, their building, their making things, I feel like the voice of the internet is ampilified sometimes that we’re able now to make a difference on micro-issues which is where you should make the difference to begin with, change doesn’t come from marching, it comes from taking over your neighborhood, collecting some friends, and doing something worthwhile. For awhile, especially after Orlando, I kinda felt like it was kinda hopeless (mistakes were made, needed to be corrected, but I also felt a tad bit less powerless than before), and hope isn’t something that’s gonna come back easily, we have a lot to do, but things are happening. Anyway, as usual, it’s nearing 5 a.m. I got a 9 a.m. wake up call and I need to be inSeoul tomorrow for interviews. I never seem to sleep the night before interviews in Seoul. My friend Tae-He knows some bad ass vinyl shops apparently, so shopping for korean soul on sunday and maybe some Pyongyang funk

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