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initial impressions of flock

well I’ve had flock for like 10 minutes now… or at least it seems like it and I’m not terribly impressed. It’s just a browser with stuff. My tags also don’t seem to show up as categories in word press either. Flock is nice, but I was hoping for something that felt more like a new toy. I get the feeling the more I dig into it, the more I’ll find, but there’s a few problems. First, while it’s nice that I can drag shit to a clipboard and then instantly blog it, it’s inconvient to minimize a window, drag the item to the clipboard, and then post it. seems like a simple hey drag stuff here thing in the tool bar would be better than an entire shelf window. while it’s cool that each tab browser now has a little X to click to close it, I found the firefox centralized X in the right hand much easier. Not sure why, but it’s just easy to reach up and press X versus having to actuall determine which microized tab I’m currently surfing. BTW I think I figured out the wordpress problem, I have to press enter with each tab and then it works. finally though, somehow the whole package doesn’t feel intergrated. I don’t see flock easily making web surfing and bringing microformats together into one whole with out some type of transparency of more intuitive way to surf the buttloads of tags, xml, and other shit we all use these days to get around the internet. Believe me, a welcome addition would be anyway to organize information better and more effectively, and while Flock is probably going to do this, this initial alpha like release doesn’t seem to be quite there yet. Don’t be afraid to just make shit look cool, I mean there’s a lot more to our imagination than just utility. I was hoping for a web browser that made the web somehow more intergrated into my daily life with out providing the hassle of multiple windows, multiple formats, etc. In other words something that can parse my daily routines into an easy to manage window. I guess I have a web browser in my head I actually need to write or fuck with it, but damn these hands and their inability to program =)



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More Awful stuff

this is awful

computers are going to write us stories. it’s great.

Maybe I’m just jaded these days, but I’m kinda tired of the internet blah. Am I losing faith in the rebithed American dream? After all hasn’t the internet given us purpose? Nah…

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