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Yahoo kissing more ass than Google + OK Fred now out

I was a little surprised to find that the number of people who link to my site via yahoo is almost 10x the amount on google and probably around 100 times my miniscule 13 linkers via technorati.
Google lists: 210
Yahoo lists: 2,150
Tecnorati lists: 13 links from 9 different sites
of course just having more links doesn’t necessarily make you better, after all
technorati notes only 9 unique people link to me, google lists a larger 210, and
yahoo lists 2,150 but keep in mind of that 2,000 a few are over-laps say kinja
digests that subscribe to boingboing that in turn caught the one time I was linked to by them etc. But it would appear Yahoo is doing much better than google in terms of index. It’s useful to me at least to be able to see all the times I commented on endgadget or Don Park’s Daily Habit and finally actually check those links again and see that sometimes those people actually replied to me. Yahoo has let me see a conversation I built with out even realizing it, and of course even partially artificial popularity feels better than the cruel reality of 9 people actually giving a fuck about this blog =)

BTW via Jean Snow new issue of OK Fred is out and the rather decent OK Fred podcast which is chuck full of occidental electronica, pop, and rock hard to find on the other side of the fence is also starting up again… can I do a podcast? Please?


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