More Japan-ers Microsound or Tonal wise + I join friendster

October 13, 2005 at 9:41 am Leave a comment

Seeing as how japanese people have an amazing pinache for not returning e-mails their country still remains a fairly unknownable entity to those of us even a mere hour away these days well unless we read one of the 6 million blogs devoted to covering Japanese pop culture . Anyway, a few more finds via the OK Fred events board.

First and foremost:

Taro burigo Yasuno is a composer living in Brazil or maybe part Brazilian or something. Anyway, he does rather lovely contemporary classical with a little Xenakis feel which is strangely rather Brazilian. He also runs a podcast for learing Portugeuse. Seeing as how 90% of the mp3 downloads on blogs consist of rock or rap or tech-house this is probably as close to high culture as you can get, and the porteguse lessons are free too =)

Akihiro Kubota
Media artist and college professor Akihiro scores points for making his website impossible to navigate. When you open up the source you can download a lot of mp3s and movies of him playing live. Primarily microsound type of stuff, it occasionally breaks into melody and has a kinda improvsed quality. worth a look

Yura Yura Teikoku
Amanda’s favorite Jap band I guess. Former PSF-ers
Mp3s here
Pysch-ee velvets type of stuff similar to Tori Kudo’s early stuff or Maher.
worth a look.

So Japan… worth a look.

BTW I’m on myspace:

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