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More Japan-ers Microsound or Tonal wise + I join friendster

Seeing as how japanese people have an amazing pinache for not returning e-mails their country still remains a fairly unknownable entity to those of us even a mere hour away these days well unless we read one of the 6 million blogs devoted to covering Japanese pop culture . Anyway, a few more finds via the OK Fred events board.

First and foremost:

Taro burigo Yasuno is a composer living in Brazil or maybe part Brazilian or something. Anyway, he does rather lovely contemporary classical with a little Xenakis feel which is strangely rather Brazilian. He also runs a podcast for learing Portugeuse. Seeing as how 90% of the mp3 downloads on blogs consist of rock or rap or tech-house this is probably as close to high culture as you can get, and the porteguse lessons are free too =)

Akihiro Kubota
Media artist and college professor Akihiro scores points for making his website impossible to navigate. When you open up the source you can download a lot of mp3s and movies of him playing live. Primarily microsound type of stuff, it occasionally breaks into melody and has a kinda improvsed quality. worth a look

Yura Yura Teikoku
Amanda’s favorite Jap band I guess. Former PSF-ers
Mp3s here
Pysch-ee velvets type of stuff similar to Tori Kudo’s early stuff or Maher.
worth a look.

So Japan… worth a look.

BTW I’m on myspace:

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parting in korea

proving that I still have the magic ability to piss off bosses regardless of culture, country, or gender I am a free man
starting November 1st. My wild oats are on their way to Seoul this weekend for an interview. Seoul isn’t Japan… by any means, but it’s pretty good. Nice little big city with lots of crazy clothes and the occasional music shop.
Hopefully working for a new company for more money and visiting japan every once in awhile.
BTW Kiiiiiii is some new Japan Shaggs inspired none-sense.

be careful one of the girl’s boyfriends wrote that article.


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