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For those who have to have the Akufen set recorded last week at some club in the basement of some hotel in the northern regions of the netherlands where he jammed with some eastern european dude who’s next album will obviouslly be kompakt’s new big seller and oh you want some intelligentally curated other electronic stuff…
well this site is for you.
Akufen in Amsterdamn torrent

Jamie sent me this track today Sunship ft. Warrior Queen ‘Almighty Father’ new grime from the U.K. of course. Bouncy and rather twisted dub and bass. Rather good. You can preview it at
Purchase the 12″ here

Speaking of race-esque stuff Filter is a random dj list I found that’s entirely made of music by African-Americans. Ahhh…

Is this actually organized by taste or a strange form of overt fandom and sorrow? And do you really have to put up that picture of Mary J Blige?

This is basically just a meme running around about Snakes on a Plane. It’s a movie about Snakes on a Plane. I rather like the simplicity and hope it comes out soon. Sounds like a cool movie. In an interview Samuel Jackson said he wants the movie to just be called Snakes on a Plane. I think it’s a good name and the honesty with which they approach the hollywood project of drama and violence is certianly refreshing.

This is an unbelievable article on various Bush appointees to governmental positions:

12: Paul Hoffman
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, Department of the Interior

Paul Hoffman is an avid angler, hunter, skier, and horseman. So it was only natural to tap this former chief of the Chamber of Commerce in Cody, Wyoming, (population 9,000) to help run the National Park Service. Sure, Hoffman had no parks experience other than recreating in them and, as head of the Cody Chamber, advocating for more snowmobiles in nearby Yellowstone National Park. But he had spent four years in the 1980s working as the state director for then-Wyoming Representative Dick Cheney. Since arriving at the Interior Department in 2002, Hoffman has demonstrated a knack for thinking outside the box. In April 2003, he went against the wishes of the staff of Yellowstone and asked the U.N. World Heritage Committee to remove the park from its “In Danger List.” Last year, he overruled geologists at the Grand Canyon National Park and instructed the park’s visitor centers to stock a creationist book that explained how God made the canyon 6,000 years ago, ordering up a flood to wipe out “the wickedness of man.” And, this year, Hoffman pushed for wholesale revisions to the Park Service’s management policies. Instead of giving priority to protecting natural resources, Hoffman proposed that managers emphasize multiple uses for their parks–including snowmobiling, Jet-Skiing, grazing, drilling, and mining. After Hoffman’s proposed reforms set off a firestorm of criticism from Park Service employees and members of Congress–“The inmates are in charge of the asylum,” one Park Service retiree complained–the Bush administration claimed that Hoffman’s suggestions were “no longer in play” and that he had merely been playing “devil’s advocate.”

This one is arguably better:

3: Rear Admiral Cristina Beato
Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health and Human Services

In June 2004, Cristina Beato admitted to her hometown newspaper that she hadn’t paid much attention to the details of her resumé. That’s too bad, because those silly little details seem to have stalled her confirmation for assistant secretary for health for over two years now. Beato said she earned a master’s of public health in occupational medicine from the University of Wisconsin (but the university doesn’t even offer that degree). She claimed to be “one of the principal leaders who revolutionized medical education in American universities by implementing the Problem Based learning curriculum” (but the curriculum was developed while Beato was still a medical student). She listed “medical attaché” to the American Embassy in Turkey as a job she held in 1986 (but that position didn’t exist until 1995). She also boasted that she had “established” the University of New Mexico’s occupational health clinic (but the clinic existed before she was hired, and there was even another medical director before her). For her part, Beato has offered a simple explanation: English is her third language, after French and her native Spanish, and sometimes the language barrier is just too much to handle. How does one say “pants on fire” in Spanish?

New Republic article on cronyism in the Bush administration. The comments section goes on to name about 4 or 5 other people who’s qualifications are bad. While you have to start somewhere, the track record for these people is rather bad. The U.S. really is a strange place.

anyway, more rambling thoughts in the near future.


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Ubuntu Dies and Google gets a blog reader

A few months back I installed Ubuntu linux which amazingly… actually installed. I’ve tried installing Linux about 9 – 10 times so far in my life and Ubuntu is definitely the first one to install correctly, but like anyone using Linux it took about 2 months to actually get Linux set up right, first I had to download install gtk and a bunch of other stuff, but then it turned out Ubuntu already had it, but the apps I was trying to compile didn’t see it, so then I accidentally wrote over the gtk libraries with a compiled version of the gtk libs and all that stuff. Basically, I managed to really fuck up a perfectly good operating system. Ubuntu ran fine after all of this and I managed to get some applications working, but like most people the fact that Ubuntu could A. get on the net out of the box was amazing and B. has a web browser, e-mail, and open office built in, meant that even with an apparently crippled installation of debian packages 1/2 configured and other stuff the fucking thing still worked. Anyway, after a few months I tried to install some fontconfig-dev package I couldn’t find and apparently accidentally un-installed some vital gnome libraries along with about 1/2 of the applications that came with Linux. None of this really fazes me, I mean after Windows and OSX and Mac OS and OS2/warp, and even a short time doing Sun Sparc shit for a school server years back, I’ve kinda gotten used to setting up stuff, and re-installing Ubuntu turned out to be the right thing to do. After re-installing I got DVD support up in like 10 minutes along with a bunch of other stuff that had taken months before hand. My point being, Linux is good, but it doesn’t seem to understand just how drastically first time users don’t know their way around the operating system. While Ubuntu is clean and stable it still took me several months to figure out things that a more experienced linux user could do in minutes. And all that said, after re-installing I downloaded the Doom 3 Demo, and magically go it working (mostly becuase this time around I could actually install GLEXT), but then proceeded to fuck it with some gl-mesa fucking in the package manager which has left me w/o a default to go back to. Anyway, all this aside, linux is getting closer to desktop useable, but anyone who tries to push this shit on their mom is definitely living in a different world. discount the later if your mom happens to be tech-savy or something.

right after ubuntu got killed I lost all my rss feeds in thunderbird, but that’s not a big deal. thunderbird sucks for rss anyway. so I began to move the rest of my rss list over searchfox (which works really well BTW) when I saw that google has a new blog reader which marks probably the 17th blog readers to premeire this week. Google’s like searchfox or blogines or any of the several hundred desktop rss readers, has it’s little tricks to keeping track of shit: their solution allow you to search their new blog search engine for new blogs on subjects you like. It’s terribly clever and certianly more useful than an algroithim that slowly learns your preferences or something, but the question is why didn’t anyone do this with technorati years ago? Why are blog readers just now coming of age? At this point I could write a blogreader in OPML and just link it to technorati and get what I need. Competition is good, but when are we going to get the clones? We need decent blog readers that can combine the features of bloglines, googleblogreader, and others into one coherent package. My favorite rss parser will always be Stereotypography which still manages to make surfing 3 to 4 different sites at once an ease.


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film log

most of my friends list seems to be doing film logs so:


you have to see this movie. kill children and run over elephants. it’s worth it.
best japanese pedophiliac redempetion pyschotic step-mother rotting teeth tatto
infested bitch flick ever. must see. god it rules…

The Power of Kangwon Province by Hong Sang Soo
Dude I have no fucking idea what this movie is about and
i tried watching it like 3 times. I think it’s about some women
who like to do stuff and argue and occasionally have sex with their
boyfriends, but that’s about all I can figure

Sympathy for Mr. Vengenance
Park Chan Wook is the jesus of Korean cinema. The man who’s made Korea seem
like a violence infested hell hole full of over the top chracaterization and violence
so meaningful you just wanna punch someone so they’ll understand. this drama, which i first
saw sans subtitles, features one dude with blue hair who does stuff that’s so sad and violence
infested you have to keep watching. this guy can direct a film… i mean you can’t stop watching
him. can’t wait to pick up sympathy for lady vengenance next week or so. should rule.

I have no idea what the fuck this. it’s some type of japanese sci-fi movie with huge effects
and children running everywhere and robots and mutants and such. it’s basically just an anime
but produced Steven Speilberg.

The Red Shoes
korean horror movie that takes a page from japanese horror movies. not worth seeing.
not terribly good.

charlie and chocolate factory
it’s ok, but liked the first one better.
the first one seems more focused on the moral issue of the film
basically what Dahl is protesting, the remake seems more like an attempt
to answer 20 years of fan mail while still pinning a decent film on.

inu-yasha movie 1
it’s ok

monsters inc
actually rather like this. probably my favorite disney film in awhile or pixar i guess.
really find the story riveting, the acting good, and the jokes well timed. really enjoy it.

iron giant
like it

probably Wong Kar-Wai’s best

Days of Being Wild
didn’t like that much. to much trying to be a “realistic” melo-dramatic crime film
instead of being one.

some korea comedy-horror movie about a guy who buys a house that haunted by a ghost who
after it electrocutes him he can suddenly see. and it’s actually not bad. i like the first part
where his dad tells him to beat up anyone who doesn’t have a house so he starts going around
and moving. the whole set up is so ridicilous, with his dad screaming “land-owner” at times at
people that when the psuedo-horror movie starts you’re actually in the mood to laught at it’s high-jinks.
all that said, korean horror movies always seem like a replacement of japanese movies, so a slight parody of the
ring and uzumaki isn’t a bad thing every once in awhile. although there’s probably a japanese parody of japanese
horror movies that this movie is a copy of knowing korea.

batman begins
dug it

war of the worlds
it’s ok

films i want to see
still haven’t popped in the vietnam flick i picked up about taxi drivers.
still have about 8 boxes of korean “indie” flicks to check out.

why not:

Gunbuster 2 or Top o Neare! 2
this is awesome.
follow up to the first gunbuster series by gainix only with
better graphics and the occasional cg back drop. like all Anno
it involves giant robots and the near mystical connection a “choosen”
few have to it and the usual moral dead end of what to do when mysterious
un-communicative aliens drop in to blow shit up, but hey what are you supposed to do?

wayne horovitz
michael nyman
little wings
Edan beauty and the beat
bloc party (not liking this to much)
lcd soundsystem
curtis mayfield
kanye west late registraton

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i took it

The Dante’s Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Level Score
Purgatory (Repenting Believers) Very Low
Level 1 – Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers) Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful) Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous) High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious) High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy) Moderate
Level 6 – The City of Dis (Heretics) Very High
Level 7 (Violent) Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers) High
Level 9 – Cocytus (Treacherous) Very High

Take the Dante’s Inferno Hell Test

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