Invocation of my Demon Brother

October 7, 2005 at 6:24 am Leave a comment

I won’t say I’ve ever been against ubuweb, but there is something strange about spending so much time collecting records paying that 50 to well a lot more money for say a Michael Snow or David Cunningham Grey Scale record (which is amazing BTW), and then finding it online for simple disposal, I suppose part of the fun of experimental music has traditionally been the asymtery of it and the challenge of finding it, but those damn freaks at Ubu web… no…. they have to go around and SHARE information… ahh damn you =) Well at the very least taken the fact that people have run off with or left most of my records on their porches or in cars over the years (once had an Areski and Fontaine 7″ melt in my trunk on my way to the radio station) I am grateful for the resource especially now that it’s gone way off the deep end of where-ever my record collection was going before I left the States. Recently they’ve been adding Japanese eps I’ve never heard of. Anyway, years back I mentioned briefly how amazing Mick Jagger’s soundtrack to Invocation of My Demon Brother is, which features Mick hopped on nearly everything imaginable slashing moog choruses into hell spent breath. Now you can either agree with me or call me out on citing an obscure oft-mentioned record as a way of boxing Black Dice in… your choice. Soundtrack here

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