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American’s on Foriegn Policy

“The U.S. is only concerned with its own interests and disregards the interests of other countries.” Is the accusation justified?

At one point I subscribed to the Foriegn Policy journal, but haven’t heard anything from them in years. Anyway, 3 quarks Daily (which is a fairly essential read) posted a link to this article on America’s views towards Foriegn Policy as collected by the Foriegn Policy Journal. The major issues:


2. Terrorism

3. Negative impressions of the U.S. abroad (which I can confirm are running so high it’s almost unbelievable).

with Immigration and jobs (i.e. protectionist policies to keep outsourcing away
such as what Japan and South Korea have) coming in the top ten somewhere. As 3 Quark’s notes
most Americans do view the u.s. as trying for altruisism:

Currently half the public is dissatisfied with America’s current global position – 49% said there were “too many things worrying and disappointing” them about relations with the rest of the world, compared to 40% who said the U.S. is “generally doing the right things.” And while people are generally dissatisfied with our position they also give failing grades to many of the specifics of our foreign policy.

I can think of few discussions that would be more worthwhile for Americans and the world to engage in more than what can be done to mend what is wrong with the world, both including American harm and that inflicted by others.


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Where + FM3 China electronica

First and foremost, you can win a free t-shirt for sucessfully predicting where the next terrorist attack will be in the world:

Secondly, Chinese electronica duo FM3 has some stuff up on their site including mp3s
and the Buddha Box. A record player equipped to play their loops:

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