Arto Lindsay Demo + New T.Raum + news

September 14, 2005 at 7:11 am Leave a comment

Matt sent this today and it’s easily the best Arto Lindsay I’ve heard in years.
Entitled Demon, it was done for WFMU. Contains a little
hint of DNA with Linday’s later more overt Brazilian stylings (DNA still had the brazil wvibe but in a more ruggedized form).

Been missing out on a lot from le dweller de france David F’s blog which is as always and perhaps forever will eb excellent. This track from 00100 is bad ass and there’s a lot more at his blog. Also digging this track from a group I’ve absolutely never heard of called Lefdup & Lefdup. It’s really amazing.
The OOIOO can tear a page from Cherry’s Humus much like Dasque Fuwara seems to like to do. Was in Osaka recently and didn’t see much Cherry around so maybe they’ve moved on to Leon Thomas (ahhh man I got a PILE of Leon Thomas lps I need to digitize). Lefdup & Lefdup jog dials and make a sentiment mixture of slash, burn, and chant. I don’t know. I’m not much a music critique right now and I’m tired.

New T. Raumschmeire lasts all of 2 minutes and basically sounds like commercial rock that occasionally bears into his casio metal of old. not terribly impressed with this one.

E-rock’s a got new label called

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