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Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

Anyway, the DS has been cleaning up silently beneath the waves of PSP hype and despite a strong European launch, chances are Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow will mop up the mess of handhelds until Sony’s killer-umd cart arrives and we all switch to metal-geat-ratchet-god-of-katamarin-whatever. Regardless Dawn of Sorrow is one of those big ass side scrollers that Konami pionerred when they figured out they could do something new with 2D and a huge amount of video ram. All the last Castlevania games have followed this formula and Dawn of Sorrow places a great emphasis on memorizing the local fora and fauna. All these Castlevania games have been about memorizing topography inventing entire sub-conscious worlds of a-b-a hack and slash pushing you to a knowledge of miniscule demons and muscle men to the piont where you could pretty easily remember the entire bio-diversity of the amazon region. I’m playing it in Japanese, have no idea what’s going on, but finding the way it circulates puzzles by fighting in an intuive manor, how can you take out the minotaur, the sucubus, the witch, the knight, the demon, and the zombie all of whom circulate pre-ordined paths with regularity, but you have to jump and slash between, equip and change, it’s this finesse between route memorization, button slash, and equipment change that gives Castlevania it’s consistent appeal, you can work your way through each situation in a different series of massacares and avoidance. The addition of levling up and special abilities only add to it. What items to include etc.

My point being, Castlevania has given depth to what was once a simple a and b game. It’s ability to juggle multi-usefull abilites that are introduced frequently, but easily explainable gives the entire games a sense of progression and use that’s rare in video games these days. Sure the maps are open and vast, but when you get that new ability, you then instantly remember the one section blocked by ice you couldn’t get to etc. The fact that the powers include a doll that warps you a few feet, the ability to delay your jumps in air, the standard double jump, and using the touch screen to destory small objects all adds up. Castlevania’s varios incarnations since the PlayStation made memory an after though in game design is to push such vastness and it’s incarnation here is another example of how much we’ve chanced since 8-bit games hit shelves. Is anything in this game un-doable on previous generations of consoles? no, but it’s something in the design, the way it fails to feel over-whelming, but instead it all seems dead until you get there that makes Dan of Sorrow feel like almost anything these days. Like the vast habitats we inhabit in words online, it’s worlds seem chock full of promise if you have the right tools to get there.

yes yes I am a capitalist, buy it here: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

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My Old Music or the signs of Stardust

Once a upon a time I improvised. These are some (mostly kinda compositions) made from the detrius of one apple g3 powerbook and a lot of Supercollider (which is now available for windows).

files here

GetYrFreakOff is a remix of the Timbaland/Missy track which I made for an RIAA comp.
The idea behind the comp was pretty cool. Remix songs the RIAA was sueing over
and then redistribute them over the internet. Kinda like mash-ups only with the intention
of directly decieving the listener into listening to something new. Don’t think it ever
happened, so if you file share be sure to name the track get your freak on change the artist
to Missy and get freaking with it.

Tokeo I don’t know what it is. I remember, oh wait now I remember. It was remix of a guy named Tokeo from Ft. Lauderdale. It was for a Nophi awhile back and was mastered kinda bad i.e. my noise was way above level.

The5th I think is a compenduim of improvised moments condensed into one track. It’s kinda field record-ee if I remember correctly.

Tundra_Quail I think is originally Casey Child’s track, in fact forgive me, it is Casey Child’s track which I put through some type of weird filter and proceeded to get this really cool noise out of. Unfortunately I submitted this to Sal Randolph’s open source audio library and forgot to credit Casey which sucked becuase he got pissed off. I e-mailed Sal and she made the change to crediting both of us with the track.

A friend of mine asked me for some of these tracks today so I just dregged them off my .mac account. He likes the 5th the most.

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Arto Lindsay Demo + New T.Raum + news

Matt sent this today and it’s easily the best Arto Lindsay I’ve heard in years.
Entitled Demon, it was done for WFMU. Contains a little
hint of DNA with Linday’s later more overt Brazilian stylings (DNA still had the brazil wvibe but in a more ruggedized form).

Been missing out on a lot from le dweller de france David F’s blog which is as always and perhaps forever will eb excellent. This track from 00100 is bad ass and there’s a lot more at his blog. Also digging this track from a group I’ve absolutely never heard of called Lefdup & Lefdup. It’s really amazing.
The OOIOO can tear a page from Cherry’s Humus much like Dasque Fuwara seems to like to do. Was in Osaka recently and didn’t see much Cherry around so maybe they’ve moved on to Leon Thomas (ahhh man I got a PILE of Leon Thomas lps I need to digitize). Lefdup & Lefdup jog dials and make a sentiment mixture of slash, burn, and chant. I don’t know. I’m not much a music critique right now and I’m tired.

New T. Raumschmeire lasts all of 2 minutes and basically sounds like commercial rock that occasionally bears into his casio metal of old. not terribly impressed with this one.

E-rock’s a got new label called

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