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Shoujyo Une Adolescente

Sure it’s the Japanese Lolita, but if anything it’s ability to purport a moral world where pedophilia is perhaps a better life than say living with your mom that makes it a little more than just an exercise in taboos that sometimes need to be broken. I have no idea if pedophilia is a concept only recently imposed on Asians (in south korea school girls are just as “tempting” to and in Japan websites let you go on a date with school girls and you can buy panties if you want although the dating website sound about as a popular as the American past time of online hunting), but anyway, this is the directorial debut of Eiji Okuda long time Japanese actor. Shoujyo is essentially a broken family film. The family in this case marred by one Dad suicide and a mom that well likes to fuck a lot. It revolves around two characters, Yoko a pleasingly moral offspring of a fucked up family, her boyfriend a cop who’s probably about 35 years old, and her not only retarded by just fucked up brother who amazingly treads a line between is he retarded? no really he’s just fucked up so well that it actually creates tension and compassion at the same time. Shoujyo worms it’s way through the family’s background highlighting traumas and movements before social norms begin to play a major sub-plot. Despite it’s subject matter (pedophiles, prostitution, dysfunctional families, and all that) it’s also a strangely heart-warming kind of film, it’s funny, and it doesn’t pass judgement on it’s characters. I can’t seem to find it listed on so I can’t hock it to you for cash, but Shouyjo feels familar to anyone the product of a stressfull household. It’s message seems to be that comfort or that suckling of social bonds isn’t necessarily going to obey societal norms or personalities. We are who we are, and what works is the path we often fall into.

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