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got this from move on today.
fairly interesting and usefull website that
let’s you sign up to recieve weekly updates
on what your senators and congressmen are voting on
or more likely just your congressmen. regardless, worth
it to keep up with what’s going on in the government


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Seoul Record Shops

Purple Records
Location: Green Line @ Hongkick University exit 1
The Hongdae area is actually kinda fun, becuase unlike most of Korea someone with a design sense seems to be scrawling grafitti everywhere and shops seem to be trying to actually have an identity.
Anyway, Purple Records is a nice little shop up the bend that seems to be importing with an ear towards the sad lonesome sounds of the pacific northwest. Little Wings is the soundtrack to the store (and yeah I picked them up), Herbert is the mood of the electronic bin, and the rest of the store shows the signs of a consistent engagement with that beast of six and 12 strings. Prices are actually quite a bit higher in Korea for imports than in Japan although Korea is cheaper than Brazil.

Record Forum
Basically the experimental section that should be in Purple Records instead is available in one store here. Record Forum is heavy on re-issues of good jazz records and world-ee stuff. Cateano box sets, Evan Parker 3rd pressings, and Zorn micro-labels. Like Purple the collection seems to stop abruptly, I kept expecting to find something totally crazy I hadn’t heard of before, but instead it seemed to be more like an exhaustive collection what they can get in here.

Some random record shop down some street I can’t remember the name of
had a bunch of old korean lps. gotta go back and see if I can bring a portable
table. worth a look.

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