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Pictures from Coquetel Molotov

For those wondering, this years Coquetel Molotov festival
went off with only a measly 2000 showing up which has
left Aninha a tad bit sad… ahhh if only such things happened
everywhere. Pic here

randomly added this in here:

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Those Damn Anti-Americans

Edit August 5th 2006. This was written, what almost a year ago. Anyway, this post was based off one incident I encountered of people talking about the U.S. While I still hold by the naivety of their information and the surprising amount of their ignornance, the anaylsis of their possible pyschologies I do take back and have striken through.

Upon leaving the U.S. I encountered the expected anti-american stuff from other English speakers. Here in Korea I’m surrounded by British ex-pats who hold themselves several moral leagues higher than Americans, New Zealanders who just say, “I hate Americans,” some Canadians who joke about the whole matter, and a Brazilian who naturally views the U.S. as a imperialist power that South American countries bow down to. What was depressing is that as an American, I’ve yet to meet anyone outside of the country who seems focused on providing viable solutions to the problems they find with the U.S. scratch that presenting a detialed case of what Americans have done wrong to them or the world. In fact in conversation their views of the u.s. seem more like muddled fairy tales than actual stories of oppression. This was especially disappointing coming from a Brazilian. Off the bat I can name probably at least 3-5 major failing of American diplomacy and militarism in South American not to mention the despicable conditions that foreign businesses have forced upon South Americans farm workers, and oh yeah all those times we funneled money and guns to groups that proceeded to assinate leaders and regimes with little hope of providing the services and goverance of the former party. The New Zealnders seemed kinda unaware of America and Australia’s occasional strong arming of New Zealand about their stringent environmental policy, and frankly I’m not sure why the British holds the U.S. in such high esteem but also despise us for good reason (foreign policy and all that) and bad (stereotyping). But every example I’ve named are the problems we, as Americans, admit to. I was hoping for something new, some definable concrete rationale for their hatred of the u.s. i.e. why do British people dislike the U.S., Brazilians, etc.

The problem is in all of these people’s hatred of the U.S. I don’t see reason, but defeatism or arrogance. It seems like they’ve accepted on some level (and this belief doesn’t run to the heart) that their victims becuase they don’t have the opporunities that Americans are rumored to have. Percieving the U.S. as so ahead in the race, they’ve just decided to sit down and wait for foreign investment or whatever to save them. This is an over-exageration. I mean they let me into their company, they seem to be moving ahead, but the most shocking thing is just how out of date their rhetoric seems to be. This might just be me, I mean ya know I’d like to thing I’m up to date on some current events and thinking, but the New Zealanders still seem commited to ideologies that even modern day hippies don’t necessarily beleive in, the Brazilian wailed against corporations despite that Brazil’s economic strategy is dependent on those businesses, getting Brazil to be an international hub for manufacturing and the exchange of ideas, I don’t know what the British are bitching about their country is exploding with green ideas and I want one of these bikes, and the Canadain just seemed to find it all quite funny. But the rationale giving for hating the u.s. revolved more around vague mythologies of events than investigation in them, in other words knowledge isn’t the game as much as slander scratch this closing yourself off. These people have little interest in learning from the mistakes of the U.S. and instead seem content to use these little facts as better than thou points and justification of themselves as victims. It amounts to nothing more than just spite. Most of the middle eastern bloggers seem to have far more concrete detials on why they don’t like the u.s. Aside from the obvious, dude you just bombed us and killed certian members of our press, one Iranian women expressed frustration with American and European feminists who constantly want Islamic women to go unveiled. “We’re modest,” I recall her saying, and she seemed to see in it as an advantage in that Islamic women are a little more outside of the slut it up in your daisy dukes and plastic surgery to make your ass look a little less fat conudrum than what Western and especially Asian women compete with (women in South Korea get eye jobs so they look more Western). Wrapping it all up, we’re commonly accused to economic and political blackmail, but when and where? Why did it happen? What kinds of regulations can be taken to keep this from occuring again?

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got this from move on today.
fairly interesting and usefull website that
let’s you sign up to recieve weekly updates
on what your senators and congressmen are voting on
or more likely just your congressmen. regardless, worth
it to keep up with what’s going on in the government


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Seoul Record Shops

Purple Records
Location: Green Line @ Hongkick University exit 1
The Hongdae area is actually kinda fun, becuase unlike most of Korea someone with a design sense seems to be scrawling grafitti everywhere and shops seem to be trying to actually have an identity.
Anyway, Purple Records is a nice little shop up the bend that seems to be importing with an ear towards the sad lonesome sounds of the pacific northwest. Little Wings is the soundtrack to the store (and yeah I picked them up), Herbert is the mood of the electronic bin, and the rest of the store shows the signs of a consistent engagement with that beast of six and 12 strings. Prices are actually quite a bit higher in Korea for imports than in Japan although Korea is cheaper than Brazil.

Record Forum
Basically the experimental section that should be in Purple Records instead is available in one store here. Record Forum is heavy on re-issues of good jazz records and world-ee stuff. Cateano box sets, Evan Parker 3rd pressings, and Zorn micro-labels. Like Purple the collection seems to stop abruptly, I kept expecting to find something totally crazy I hadn’t heard of before, but instead it seemed to be more like an exhaustive collection what they can get in here.

Some random record shop down some street I can’t remember the name of
had a bunch of old korean lps. gotta go back and see if I can bring a portable
table. worth a look.

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Korea cries… like Ben Gibbard

Korea has emo apparently:

anyway, greenline to Hongkick University. Walk up, turn left at Hongkick u.
purple records. found 3 record shops. reviews coming soon.


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survey on hyrid cars

worldchanging posted this
ahhh the internet… when I have you at school all my students write long essays on comic books for 2 hours… yes how sweet your wrath…


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Add to my rss feeds

hey folks,

for awhile now I’ve been compiling all my rss feeds using feed on feeds.
if you want to add anything to my collection of blogs you can go here

and add stuff. don’t delete anything though.


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