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blogger blogs stuff Keep Weather Free + Mobile Hotels

Yes this is one of those typical blogposts where I summarize news from various places. First world changing (check the facts section) reports on a Senator’s quest to eliminate free weather reports.

Mu summary:

In what, at this point, seems like a perfectly normal thing for the Senate to do, Senator Rick Santorum has introduced a bill that will curtial the national weather service and other government funded agencies that provide metereologlic data or weather forecasts from competing with the private sector. In other words, no more NWS on the internet. While I’d be surprised if this bill passes (I mean we are pretty much accustomed to lunacy at this point being introduced by the private sector) you might wanna talk to your senator. I might add that Florida Senator Bill Nelson (one of the few democracts left) has opposed the bill. So good for you Bill:
and basically made it fairly apparent that this bill would push freely available weather forecasts into the pre-internet era which of course is a lot of fun. Part of the controversy comes from NWS’ use of XML feeds to make their freely available commercial-less weather reports easily intergradable into websites and rss parsers and stuff like that. XML basically means you can do what you want with NWS’ reports ranging from animating maps with dinosaurs attacking hurricanes to streaming weather reports to your cell phone via SMS to keep up with what the latest storm is doing when power goes down.

More info:

Contact yo Senator:

Bill Number: S.B. 786


p.s. going to Shanghai next week.

Secondly, yon english man in osaka blog reports on the latest and great thing to hit japan: mobile hotels. or is he just being ironic? ahhh those british and their dry humor.
anyway, music reviews coming soon. ones written for skyscraper.

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Mumble Boy gets a blog

ahhh art blogs. god bless you and your many ways.

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DJ Troubl – Stones Throw Mix

Posted on the stone’s throw page as a fake Quasimoto mix.
Anyway, it’s good. definitely worth the download

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New Deadelus Video

Noah and friends with Deadelus

Just Briefly

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More Shangart

More stuff from the shangart site

Feng Menbo made a series using a specialized skin in Quake 3 intended to resemble himself. He then set up a series of computers that people could play Quake on. Hence it was himself versus himself. Kinda similar to Charles Ray’s sculptures of himself.

Hu Jieming

I’ve seen this painter around before probably in Frieze. Images are
stocked full of various pop culture flooding Chinese scenes. The irony
is precious, but the effect doesn’t last that long. Still it’s good and
better than many things I’ve seen as of late.

Ji Wenyu

Amazing little cut-ups and paradoxes. Ji Wenyu’s art, like Hu Jeiming, is all about juxtaposition and ya know signifiers let’s say. I don’t know maybe signifiers are out in art circles. maybe it’s just pretty stuff?

Liang Yue has exhasutively covered Shanghai (or is it beijing?)
in this gallery

Shi Young. The translation from the website:
Father: Look, our international prospects for the new centruy are brightï¼? Mother: We must show off our skill.
Grandmother: It must be tiem to struggle.
Grandfather: In the new century we must grasp after opportunity!
Son: But the road is windy.

actually reminds of Paper Rad a little. kinda like 8-bit

Wang Guangyi. Turns that wonderfully realist and purposefull style of communist art into what looks like a Frank Miller drawing.

Wang Jun

Kinda typical surrealist.


Something about Yang Zhenzhong doesn’t strike me as much as ironic as well distrubing. There is certiantly a little McCarthy in his pieces.

Zhao Bandi

My new hero =)

Zheng Guogu

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Doormouse – Major Changes

Dan Martin released one big full length sigh of relief
with major changes and the actual album breathes life
into the pop-idm mold. not exactly idm, maybe a minimal
beefheartean romp with sequencers. Like Snares, no
longer really interested in breakcore, what emerges
here is instead a rather good pop-ee jazz type of
thing creatively using samples in a Zappa meets
gabba brew. worth it. listen and learn folks, the laptop
is still new after all these years. clips here

Buy it folks

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Yang Fudong

Shangart’s got a treasure trove of images from Yang Fudong

Mr. Fudong’s work as Frieze recently pointed out, focuses more on pleasure than politics. He seems to be plumbing the depths of China’s boom world for all the erotic imagery and pyschology undertone you can handle. I might add this flirtatiousness seems to be fairly big in China. After all Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046 explores similar terrian of sex, fun, and personality in China (and it will definitely convince you that Ziyi Zhang is really hot.). Of course dating and all that giggling and what I’d associate with 50s level sock-hops seems to be all the rage in Asia in general. People love to date, they like to flirt, and it all seems harmless until a sexual predator enters the situation and stalks your ass. But what’s behind it all? I mean is Japan’s obession with robotics similar to the medevial automaton lions that followed queens around in the middle ages? Actually no, as the Japanese pointed out their robots are cheap and are being built for practical purposes (the dancing robots aside). Fudong obviously is Chinese, but similar technology obessions flow around most of Asia. For instance my Neural Networking book is written by a Chinese, a Japanese, and an India researcher and their introduction focuses mostly on creating robots, even telling us about telerobotic slaves we’ll one day have… maybe from algorithims in their book. Such and introduction stands in contrast with the many other books on neural networking by Western researchers. So do these mute faces and mysteries

represent some type of reaction to the Asian assumption that behavoir is algorithmic? Nah, not really. Although the boat picture does somehow remind me of the animatronics at disney and it’s farce on emotion and ability does seem to capture that frustration or amazement at the ability of our world to lie down in the face of quantification. Such questions of ya know 1984 style cyborg oh we’re all gonna be robots to a giant slave state stuff does seem kinda cliched. Shangart itself perhaps best captures the gist of it’s own artists letting it’s curators (in remarkably well written english) comment on their own artists.

“As the largest city in China, most social activities in Shanghai are directly connected with commerce. In such a rhythm, the activities and the works done by contemporary artists are often treated as tunes without harmony.” – Lu Leiping, Views from Onlooker’s Horizons: Labyrinth of Shanghai

Mr. Fudong’s work is definitely a tune with a harmony. Like so much work it mirrors a design and intention in the world we can’t see with our eyes, but might be found if we ask the right questions.

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