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Spring Alpha

Spring Alpha is an old project from 1998 to build a collaborative game in which people can test out ideas of sustianability or navigate through a story line. The story revolves around a series of people who want to go off the grid so to speak and create what appears to be an ancharcist commune. While the game is no longer in development you can still get the source code from the site and fuck around (something which my non-programmer ass can’t do). The project, if revived or maybe I’m just missing the sourceforge link, could be a kinda fun way to investigate all those wild hippie-ish ideals. The game’s story revolves around a democracy that decress no worker rights and then subjects people to a miligram submissions test to determine their suitability for employment. While the ideas might be kinda cliched, the actual graphics and concept are fairly interesting. link

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ahh the changes will a come

was sitting around in Seosan today during one of several 2 hours breaks cuz the kids are out of school and my overly neurotic mind suddenly turned over a stone. I’ve never felt very atrracted to traveling. I mean I like traveling, but I prefer to stay in one place and work. I’m not sure why though ya know, it’s just there’s oppurtunity everywhere and the fun of being one place is making the most of it. Hence despite Seosan’s suckage (it’s a nice little urban area in the petrochemical area of korea with absolutely nothing going on) I do feel some strange things are happening here type of vibe. Suddenly it occured to me, why do I feel so attached to place x? and then all the people moving to new york etc made sense. each city is a package with it’s own machinery to take advantage of. Move to New York and you can change the gears to your liking, move around the city with ease, etc. Of course I still don’t like New York (and it’s nothing compared to Europe these days or much of Japan), but it did make me think about Osaka. The real question is, will I stop feeling attached to each place? trying to change it? or will I simply start benefitting myself by moving to places that actually have a bunch of junk I can use i.e. art galleries, decent book stores, hords of interested people, etc. The wole mover mentalility let’s call it, is remarkably self-interested, “oh this place sucks let’s move on.” But it does have the appeal of reward. I mean after a lifetime mail ordering books and cds, attending concerts hundreds of miles from my home, and well all the other shit, should I just move to a cultural center? It’s still not a view I agree with, but what’s the use of staying in Korea if 90% of the people are still struggling just to get enough wealth to send their kids to college? It’s a congested christian country with a bunch of anti-foriegners laws (many of japan’s anti-forienger legislation that never passed did pass in korea hence the average korean goes their whole life seeing at most 3 non-korean faces and has little knowledge of any good outside of their culture much less any music or art). The only real reasons to come to Korea is if you have some type of strange fetish for concrete, hyundia’s got this new one that looks kinda look trees…
I mean all that aside it’s a nice country. People are friendly, dudes are smart, and there are many things right with it like environmental policy and it doesn’t have the bogged down bullshit of japan’s democracry, but little for tourists or little to do outside or ordering the latest books from The only draw back of Japan is there is little freedom in their schools apparently. Korea does have the advantage of letting me teach inu-yasha comic books to kids if I want or showing them homestar runner cartoons, althogh the blog thing… man did that not work. Anyway, am I changing again?

Current neurotic problems:
panic. neve felt this before now feel panic when I hear so and so is getting better than the u.s. etc.
This is kinda an off-shoot of the breakdown from around 2001 when I became sensitive and kinda over-bearing.
smugness. find myself name dropping japan and china as better than thou stuff to koreans, but really it’s kinda hard not to. I mean 90% of the shit I read about is either China or Japan.
regardless being asia has helped. have given up on booking bands and am focusing on other things.

Anyway, updating my other blog a lot more


p.s. going to Shanghai on the 28th for a week.
meeting up with Shangart folks. They have to turn off
their air conditioner these days due to chinese power consumption problems.

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Rubber Johnny vid

Not sure if this is the whole thing.
Appears to be more of a promo but I’m told the whole
thing is only 6 minutes anyway.
Rubber Johnny a short film by Chris Cunningham.

Posting a lot of idm shit these days. What do you know, maybe
i am a fan =)

link from WFMU’s Beware of the Blog

p.s. Buy Rubber Johnny

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Yokai New Film by Takashi Miike

Takashi Miike’s former films were basically hyper-violent odes to something or another. This time around a fantasy epic looks strangely similar to willow or many of the 80s fantasy bunch. not sure what this is based off (the yokai are mythical creatures in japan) but kinda more of a kid’s film. Looks interesting. It’s rather amazing how grotesque Miike can make the world seem.

Trailer here

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