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blogger blogs stuff Keep Weather Free + Mobile Hotels

Yes this is one of those typical blogposts where I summarize news from various places. First world changing (check the facts section) reports on a Senator’s quest to eliminate free weather reports.

Mu summary:

In what, at this point, seems like a perfectly normal thing for the Senate to do, Senator Rick Santorum has introduced a bill that will curtial the national weather service and other government funded agencies that provide metereologlic data or weather forecasts from competing with the private sector. In other words, no more NWS on the internet. While I’d be surprised if this bill passes (I mean we are pretty much accustomed to lunacy at this point being introduced by the private sector) you might wanna talk to your senator. I might add that Florida Senator Bill Nelson (one of the few democracts left) has opposed the bill. So good for you Bill:
and basically made it fairly apparent that this bill would push freely available weather forecasts into the pre-internet era which of course is a lot of fun. Part of the controversy comes from NWS’ use of XML feeds to make their freely available commercial-less weather reports easily intergradable into websites and rss parsers and stuff like that. XML basically means you can do what you want with NWS’ reports ranging from animating maps with dinosaurs attacking hurricanes to streaming weather reports to your cell phone via SMS to keep up with what the latest storm is doing when power goes down.

More info:

Contact yo Senator:

Bill Number: S.B. 786


p.s. going to Shanghai next week.

Secondly, yon english man in osaka blog reports on the latest and great thing to hit japan: mobile hotels. or is he just being ironic? ahhh those british and their dry humor.
anyway, music reviews coming soon. ones written for skyscraper.

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