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New Deadelus Video

Noah and friends with Deadelus

Just Briefly

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More Shangart

More stuff from the shangart site

Feng Menbo made a series using a specialized skin in Quake 3 intended to resemble himself. He then set up a series of computers that people could play Quake on. Hence it was himself versus himself. Kinda similar to Charles Ray’s sculptures of himself.

Hu Jieming

I’ve seen this painter around before probably in Frieze. Images are
stocked full of various pop culture flooding Chinese scenes. The irony
is precious, but the effect doesn’t last that long. Still it’s good and
better than many things I’ve seen as of late.

Ji Wenyu

Amazing little cut-ups and paradoxes. Ji Wenyu’s art, like Hu Jeiming, is all about juxtaposition and ya know signifiers let’s say. I don’t know maybe signifiers are out in art circles. maybe it’s just pretty stuff?

Liang Yue has exhasutively covered Shanghai (or is it beijing?)
in this gallery

Shi Young. The translation from the website:
Father: Look, our international prospects for the new centruy are bright´╝? Mother: We must show off our skill.
Grandmother: It must be tiem to struggle.
Grandfather: In the new century we must grasp after opportunity!
Son: But the road is windy.

actually reminds of Paper Rad a little. kinda like 8-bit

Wang Guangyi. Turns that wonderfully realist and purposefull style of communist art into what looks like a Frank Miller drawing.

Wang Jun

Kinda typical surrealist.


Something about Yang Zhenzhong doesn’t strike me as much as ironic as well distrubing. There is certiantly a little McCarthy in his pieces.

Zhao Bandi

My new hero =)

Zheng Guogu

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Doormouse – Major Changes

Dan Martin released one big full length sigh of relief
with major changes and the actual album breathes life
into the pop-idm mold. not exactly idm, maybe a minimal
beefheartean romp with sequencers. Like Snares, no
longer really interested in breakcore, what emerges
here is instead a rather good pop-ee jazz type of
thing creatively using samples in a Zappa meets
gabba brew. worth it. listen and learn folks, the laptop
is still new after all these years. clips here

Buy it folks

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