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since moving to south korea I’ve become interested in finding it’s technorati.
turns out Don Park is kinda the ring leader in these parts or at least seems to be getting the slashdot and fark links like crazy.

Park Chan-Wook, the man behind Old Boy, has a new film out ‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’ it’s called.

Continuing to prove that the Bush administation doesn’t use an RSS parser. This Iraqi man explains his views on the u.s. As you could have predicted, it turns Iraq wasn’t that bad place before Saddam fell. Ahh Sean Pean… are you always right?

Correction: woops apparently that’s a an Iraqi woman writing that blog.

That Marmot’s Hole is a guy from Long Island who works for a newspaper in Seoul. As usual, he posts interesting tidbits about N.Korea/ South K to U.S.A. relations. My personal favorite being:

As we well know, this is not the first time that Kim has sought engagement rather than hostility with President Bush, whom he discussed in surprisingly positive terms last Friday. During a visit we made to Pyongyang in November 2002 following a nuclear-related trip by Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly, we were given a written personal message from Kim to Bush declaring: “If the United States recognizes our sovereignty and assures non-aggression, it is our view that we should be able to find a way to resolve the nuclear issue in compliance with the demands of a new century.? Further, he declared, “If the United States makes a bold decision, we will respond accordingly.?

We took the message to senior officials at the White House and State Department and urged the administration to follow up on Kim’s initiative, which we have not made public until now. Then deep in secret planning and a campaign of public persuasion for the invasion of Iraq, the administration spurned engagement with North Korea. Kim moved within weeks to expel the inspectors from the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency, withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty and reopen the plutonium-producing facilities that had been shut down since 1994 under an agreement negotiated with the Clinton administration.

Most of these links came from Global Voices

Finally, the man, the myth, the japan Joi Ito took a rather nice pic of Ryu Murakama the man behind Tokyo Decadence and 69 and who of course by giving a certian actress her first work made Hal Hartley a very happy man.

Also reading world changing and trying to get magpierss to work.
I think the problem is my .htaccess file needs to be configured i.e.
1and1 is fucking me again with their usual restrictions. If you know
the solution to this php problem contact me:

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘magpierss/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /homepages/6/d117080061/htdocs/english/index.php on line 2

a friend told me to move the index.php to another directory. so i did that,
and it still doesn’t work.


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