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CHC or more Hip-hop from Chile

Ok so latin flare + Stevie Wonder + vocoders = not bad.
kinda diging this. Tracks here

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Jerry Casale of Devo with a scary ass interview

Boing Boing posted this. Really interested interview with Jerry Casale of Devo. Jerry goes into detial about the Kent State Shootings he we was well apparently really scared by. Strangely this is kinda similar to how I feel these days, that their is no law protecting us or for that matter virtue. Full interview here

The scary part:
VR: You said that the Kent State shooting sort of served as a catalyst for your theory of Devolution, which spawned Devo–
JC: Absolutely. Until then I was a hippie. I thought that the world is essentially good. If people were evil, there was justice…and that the law mattered. All of those silly na├»ve things. I saw the depths of the horrors and lies and the evil. The paper that evening, the Akron Beacon Journal, said that students were running around armed and that officers had been hurt. So deputy sheriffs went out and deputized citizens. They drove around with shotguns and there was martial law for ten days. 7 PM curfew. It was open season on the students. We lived in fear. Helicopters surrounding the city with hourly rotating runs out to the West Side and back downtown. All first amendment rights are suspended at the instant the governor gives the order. All of the class-action suits by the parents of the slain students were all dismissed out of court, because once the governor announced martial law, they had no right to assemble.

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