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Common – Be

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Sure Common’s electric cirus provided about the best left-leaning hip-hop you were gonna find near a kinda sorta ahh well I don’t know. It was good, but it felt like Common was leaning to hard on collaborators that didn’t accenuate his skills as a MC. With BE though we finally get that heartful hip-hop album that Kanye West is always hinting at making. It’s kinda this friction between Common, old school conscietous hip-hop, and West’s new-school kinda sorta thug but am I just doing this to be mainstream antics that gives the whole thing a slight whirl. Sure West’s strings and productions lift up Common’s rabid postivity and aura of the genuine, but where does Kanye come in? Is he endorsing this? Remember he apologized to Talib Kweli on his first album for not going the conscientous route. Is this Kanye’s attempt to speak through Common or is it just a good album? It seems to be both with Common himself showing some bitterness about his school loans and raising up an edge that doesn’t come across as thug bombast. It’s this precarious equilbirum so confidently displayed by Common’s understated rhymes and Kanye’s intelligent production that manages to put the whole thing on a point. Maybe I’ve been reading to much network theory or something these days, but this album’s dualities don’t seem to crumble, but instead flatten out hip-hop as a whole. Back packer consciousness finally breeds a bastard child of mainstream hip-hop’s make a lot of money and gat your friends thing. I like Common a lot, but somehow I think it’s Kanye behind this pushing his views in a new form, but I mean come on. Do that shit on your album and sell 2 million copies.

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