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yeah bumed around Shinsaibashi on Monday. Hit 3-4 shops.

Dance shop in the basement of some building that advertises that the shop in the basement carries 50s rock and roll next to the arrow hotel.

yeah that one. Picked up new Perlon 12″ and an ol’ Errorsmith 12″. Essentially, very hip but small collection centered around Detroit and minimal techno with a surprisingly heavy assortment of idm and downtempo. Owner is cool, speaks english well, and like all dance shop dudes is required to give you additional vinyl based off what your currently holding in your hand.

Vox Music
Europe’s colonialists took the middle east’s artificats home with them, and the Japanese have placed agents all over the world to collect all the best music that culture creates. Voxx is where all the funk and soul in the u.s. went. In case you were wondering why you can’t seem to find Pharoah Sanders on vinyl anymore, well it’s becuase this dude owns all of them. Picked up 4 Leon Thomas LPs here for a mild burn of about 2,500 yen each (i.e. like 25 bucks). Owner also has freinds in Sao Paolo raiding music stores for Marcos Valle 12″s and Lo Borges 7″s along with the required smatterings of Gil and Veloso and Ellis Regina. Voxx is basically an excellent silo of rarities and staples well curated, well presented, and unlike anything you can really find in the u.s. and despite stereotypes to the contray prices in Japan are way lower than New York. Sander’s elevation retials for like 2,000-ish yen while Other Music gouged (and I mean gouged) like 45 bucks for elevation on their website. You can also mail order from him. Shop is on the 5th floor of a building and is enigmatically named just used records. Check the site for directions. Were I not ass fucking tired from a day of traveling through Korea and a 6 a.m. wake up call and frankly no longer as interested in music as I used to be I would probably be screaming about this place.

Manhattan Records
Shinsaibashi is full of Jamacian expats running bars and clothing stores. Manhattan Records though is the Japanese take on hip-hop. House and hip-hop mingle with primarily top 40 american r & b and hip-hop along with hip-house mixes. Store is nice though and stocks releases from LEX and Stones Throw right along Little Bow Wow and shit. I.E. left leaners and back-packers track with the latest from ya know whatever is new.

King Kong Records
Standard indie shop, reminds heavily of the first floor of Kim’s only bigger and only one store. Essentially similar to Criminal Records in Atlanta, Kim’s New York, Cd Alley in Chapel Hill, Horizon in Greensobo, SC, Park Ave in Orlando, Ear Candy in Missoula, Sweat in Miami (from what I gather) etc. Basically a good all around shop with the latest u.s. stuff and of course Osaka’s latest indie bands. Cool staff that’s unfortunately a little, I work in an indie store-ish i.e. their kinda like Kim’s and can be a little snooty. Regardless, good all around-er for the indie friendly junk you needish.

reviews of shit when I get a chance.


p.s. does anyone know a good shop in Seoul? i.e. anything like Japan?
p.p.s. might add all these stores and more all exist w/n 2 – 3 blocks of each others in Shinsaibashi along with more clothing stores than you can beleive.

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