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Possibly fake indie station?

To further add to the weirdness that is the u.s. Stayfree Magazine reports about a new radio “indie” station in Akron that’s domain name was set up by clear channel. To further add to the fun, the station is resolutely anti-corporate and all that. Some of the qoutes are really fun:

The following is a list of radio stations in Northeast Ohio that should be forced to turn off their transmitters and turn their licenses over to the Federal Communications Commission.

WHLO (640 – AM) obviously operated by communist, WHLO consists of nothing more than right wing rhetoric dispensed at toxic levels. WHLO features overbearing personalities that have little or no knowledge of actual facts. They allow their lack of knowledge to never get in the way of pushing W’s plan and opinions upon us like a dealer addicted to his own crack. WHLO airs Quinn and Rose in the morning followed by a show that is so bad it was dropped by a Cleveland station, Glenn Beck. Speaking of those addicted to drugs, Rush Limbaugh follows beck and is the lead in to the Right’s political poster boy Sean Hannity. After Hannity on WHLO, is the gay bashing Michael Savage, then the Laura Ingram Show.
Where are our Barf bags?

yeah that sounds real.

and my favorite:

WZIP (88.1 – FM) WZIP is operated by the students at The University of Akron. To promote diversity, the station dropped its ethnic programming several years ago in favor of Hip-Hop Music. Genius.

yeah college stations are like that. I mean clear channel’s list of 100 or so songs per station sounds pretty diverse compared to some indie stations, but I mean come on college radio is volunteer. is it there fault if they lose their ethnic music dude? Do you know how hard it is to get an ethnic music director? dude it’s hard… trust me.



p.s. I thought liberals were all socialist and near commies these days anyway.

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