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More Lidell Clips oh yeah and if you wanna work in Korea…

Yeah, I’m buying this one. More clips from Lidell. The 3 song single unfortunately kinda takes him back to that Jon Spencer like growl that’s
more pretesion than soul, but still the man can make a track. Makes me wonder
what the new Cristian Vogel is gonna sound like. These dudes love them some grits and gospel. More clips here

oh yeah the company I’m working for is looking for one more teacher:

Hi Folks,

We’re looking for 1 more English teacher for a small English institute
here in Seosan, South Korea.


B.A. from a College or University
Valid Passport (we’re looking to hire immediately)
Willingness to travel and have some fun
Must be at least 20 years of age

Seosan is a small but growing town approximately 2 hours
south of Seoul (bus to Seoul is like 6 bucks). Town consists of over
150,000 people, all the bars you can take open sans curfew, and is a
surprisingly nice urban town in the middle of one of Korea’s major
rural areas.
The pay is 1.9 million wong per month which is currently about 2,000 USD
but frankly at the rate the dollar is devaluing it’ll probably be
worth more by the time you get back home (when I arrived it was 1300
wong per dollar now 950 wong per dollar). Oh yeah 1 year contract,
accommodations provided, and we will also drive you around and stuff.
30 hour work week. As an additional bonus you get a free cell phone (a
200 dollar value). Seosan is in the Choong-nam Province and includes
such tourist-ee things as Haemi castle and the yearly migration of
tourists to see the cherry blossoms fall and it’s like 30 minutes from
a bunch of beaches that Lonely Planet loves for some reason. Flash
filled tourist site about Seosan here:


cut and paste resume, include a link to a picture if you can send to
aljones15 @
Jae-Hyun says to mention the director and the boss will be nice guy =)

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